2002-10-19 @ 12:19 a.m.
i need gold~day~car-less~car

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my day was okay...?

i woke up, called jordan, then went to deposit my phatty check...

i spent, like, an hour, in line fer some, waiting fer the teller in the back fer the rest...

im walkin out the front, reading my receipt ... $3500 deposited, but holdings... $3400 being held, forFive (5) business days ... that means august 25th. grr.

so then im riding around roseville, checkin out the used-car scene.. i fall on my bike, somehow, some brick touch my foot-n-pedal and made me fall somehow?... but i found a few cars, one beong a mustang at $600 obo. and another at $2500. i might get both :D?

maby give one to jennifer?

i took the bipolar test :D itsaid im not bipolar :) sweet.

"Your responses do not meet the criteria that suggest a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

However, this questionnaire alone cannot definitively rule out a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. Accurate diagnosis can be obtained only through a comprehensive evaluation by your physician. If you still have concerns or questions regarding your mental health, you should speak with a qualified physician.

Criteria for Mood Disorder Questionnaire:

Answering "Yes" to 7 or more of the events in question # 1, answering "Yes" to question # 2, and answering "Moderate Problem" or "Serious Problem" to question # 3 is considered a positive screen for bipolar disorder.


but whats odd... i met all those criteria? ... well, my answers did...? odd.

i saw Contact agin tonite, could be one'a the best movies in seen.

quotes pending

trm im gonna unload furniture, wash dogs, and maby even get a car!!


and now, i shall sleep


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