2002-10-13 @ 12:15 a.m.
rant, rant rant?? ~ bepho' sl33p

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Jennifer: Cuddly, Interesting, Beautiful, and best of all, Myne :D

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its kinda funny .. this rant started as me listening to the bubble bobble techno remix imagining going on a high-explosive rampage-> to this rant ........ im fscking crazy :)

I was talking ot Jennifer in my mind, cuz i miss her, and want to talk to her, so anywayz->

i realized that I dont really kno me... the only people who have had anything close to appropriate exposure to me to kno would be Jill or Lacey.

Theyd prolly agree that my mental stability would be anything but stable :D

and they both seem to think im too demanding.

I dont see me like that, so I tryed to explain why .... and I think its because i need different things at different tymes, my preferences change frequently ... they couldnt keep up. but its really not that, but the general way-i-am, i eat in cravings, phases, some days needing different things; same with this.. they prolly tryed pinning me down to a pattern, which, well, obviously would not work.

Or at least, this is the only conclusion i can come up with?

Its kinda funny, they think im demanding, but that one test said i only expect %5 return for 95% effort ... maby they were taking me for granted? i actually thought to go 50-50%, but then thought "Wait, she'll like red flowers more, there more romantic.. plus having that one outstanding white one will fit my personality :)" ..... and my pig had no tail.. i forgot they had tails :D .. ??

my point? um, im not even sure really, but i guess its better to type this then to think it then forget it?

maby this is warning to Jennifer? I really dont want to ruin things for her... but i ph34r that they may have bein ruined long before she knew me ... like buying a carton of eggs, taking them home, and finding them all broke. They didnt break because of you, or the drive home.. they were broken in the store long before you showed up ...


Alkaline Trio - Bleeder , has bein running thru my head the past few days, and i cant listen to Nothing Else Matters anymore.... .


i n33d sl33p


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