2002-10-10 @ 10:30 p.m.
DawnTheMalkie ~ sickday ~ Jennifer <3

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Jennifer: Cute, Crazy, and best of all, Myne :D

Person: Dawn, the Malkavian

*who, by comparion to Jennifer, is just a person*

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im sick, but uplifted -- Dawnee-chan is a Malkie!! YaY!!

but anyways -> some day

woke up sick, at skoo sick, forgot to save my philosophy paper onto disk, chilld wit Jennifer sick, told her all sorts of scary things about me and presented the diary, felt better :D

went to CSc10 sick, chill somemore wit Jennifer sick, helped her w/ her maths

she went home, i waited for a ride, got said ride,

called Jennifer, talked more *til 9:30* then ate



it turns out that Jennifer is both similiar-crazy to me, and perfect :) so so so so very perfect. Well, ok, maby not perfect by definition, but thats because my definition is, well, flawd

but basically, shes crazy :) and shes the perfect balance of innocent -n- naughty :D

i mean, perfect, like, i could not even hav imagined such a perfect blend. *sigh*

and she still thinks she likes me? thats where im like 'huh?' ... she knows bad things about me, but still likes me? this shatters my previous notions of "She wont even need to know the bad things to know not to like me" that the past.. past.. all, has taught me. She also got a breif look into the stuff im -not- posting ... all those awful childhood memorys. they werent -that- bad, but still .....

and im glad to see Dawn is a Malkie, cuz everyone who isnt.. well, they jus plain ~isnt~ ;)

hopefully ill be un-sick by trm, i wanna see Jennifer agin ... ill be quite un-happy if-else,,

tyme fer sleep


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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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