2002-10-11 @ 10:55 a.m.
LSD Elephants ~ Jennifer ~ sickday

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Jennifer: Cute, Crazy, and best of all, Myne :D

Wow! We dont even need to worry about gas!

It runs on fruit!

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Im sick today, agin, atill, continuing, grr

and im home, which sucks more than ailments, because Jennifer is not here.

We talked las nite *duh* and the amount we hav in common is alot, like, everything :D

I know Im usually wrong, but i think that this tyme im correct in sayin; Shes Perfect.

well, im syre ill kno one way or the other at some point :)

*3rd tymes a charm :D*

but to stick to chronology, i slept, woke up from d4 p41n, called Jennifer, ate, called Jennifer, and thats it ... its only been two hours, what do you expect?!?

i want to rant, i miss ranting ~ but i have nothing to rant about. my life is good? well, okay, the stupid insurance people STILL havnt sent the release form, so that after processing that they can give me bling; but other than that, my life is good~!

Altho, everyone around me seems to be in some kind of drama ... wtf is that about?

my belief, which is prolly closer to truth, is that the only reason conflict arises is because of miscommunication and stubborness. The only reasons. No conflict i have ever witnessed or heard of has proven me wrong. jus keep that in mind ;)

One thing i find amusing, that most may find icky -> i spent more tyme today blowing my nose than doing anything else. more than eating, more than typing ... the only thing that has more is sleep -> but sleep doesnt count :P

I miss Jennifer, i wish she was here ... she almost got to come over today, but her stupid mom made plans fer her *grr* and so she cant :( ...

Jill sent me an IM a few days ago, saying she needed to talk to me...? wtf could she need to talk to me about?

maby ill take the colorquiz agin?

meanwhile, you should be signing my guestbook! its the least you could do, i mean, how many times have you read my ramblings, huh? you want to make a difference, you want to be somebody in the world?? yea, sign my guestbook! and also, sign the guestbook?

oh, by the way, if your reading this, could you do me a favor and sign the guestbook?

the more people who sign it, the less im gonna type 'sign the guestbook' :)

***Gets an email from Philosophy proffessor***


Yes, we missed your input in class on Thursday.

In the syllabus I state that I do not accept emailed

papers -- so bring a hard copy to class on Tuesday.

That's the due date, anyway.


so yeah, i am relieved, and happy, and relaxing .. whew ...

did you hear!? they missed me *Aww*

im gonna go read megatokyo...


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