2002-10-09 @ 9:46 p.m.
Too tired n sick to title. x~DAY~x

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Jennifer: Her mom liked me?? WTF!?!?

Jennifer: She doesnt seem to mind the biting?

Stuff: stuff, poetry, philosophy, yoga/mediatation, juggalo-love, guilt ~ stuff

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Im sick...grr...

Im also kinda unimpressed with my chronology ... maby today ill do things backwards??

i got a call from 'sara' from the yoga club, while watching star trek ... previously i ate two case-a-dee-Ahhs and a bowl of soup, previously i got home?

and before that i was at college; jennifer went to english after, we sat in the union cuddling, kissing, and otherwise occupying each other,

and before that i was in english, which was after Art ...

jennifer's math lab was before that <- i did 10/7 and 10/9 journal for art after ..

seeing Jennifer before her first class, but i had to wake up before any of this

That was weird , but kinda fun. Like kinky-sex :D

bizarrely enough; either im immune to the stability Jennifer has given me, or being sick is making me depressed ->

"You came to me like a dream

The kind that always leaves

Just as the best part starts

It ends so abruptly "

Im afraid that she'll be leaving me on the 24th, on maby 25th ... she might spend the 24th trying to kill herself <-> because i am giving the link.

The only odd thing is that most of my really awful thoughts n such i keep to myself. like the....*deletes the next sentences*

Im feeling guilty. iv already done harmful things to the relationship ... like telling her she sucks at kissing *im SO wrong, its actually that i suckd and didnt know it :)* and how i accepted food from Jaycee instead of seeing Jennifer for those few minutes after CSc10 lab .....

... that, and maby the whole murdering aspect, but aint even really got to that yet :D

iv been wanting to create some poetry - which is weird, since i previously despited poetry. but i keep getting poetric-ish thoughts ... and i never have tyme/ability/medium to express them.

But if i change that; ill post, just like ~everyone else~

but i actually enjoy reading everyones diary. except maby alex, her life seems too simple. *laughs* not enough drama :P as if to say my entertainment is important :)

im gonna try to remember to bring my ICP CD trm fer Jennifer to listen to ... she will hav ph34r.

I warned her, thjere are a few things that set me off, since im kinda tickleish in certain spots. She had no ph34r. Then, she challenges my dominance during the kissing. she had no ph34r. I think its tyme she learned ~JUST~who she fsckin picked a fite with!!


or at least, she'll learn anew the meaning of ph34r. ..









... or will I?

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