2002-10-07 @ 11:09 p.m.
!~ Jennifers Birthday ~!

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Jennifer: Her Birthday today ...w00t!

Jennifer: "Im not gonna ruin things ... this is too special"<-*I said that to Becky, concerning Jennifer*

Person: Jennifer, because shes beautiful, smart, funny, cute, fun, and so much more

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Today was Jennifers birthday.

I start today as a total fscking idiot, and left her present(s) at home....... but anywayz->

we chill fer awhile early in the union, but she has class ...

i sleep, she studys japanese w/o me knoing shes back ... but near the end she returns, we cuddle a bit more, kiss *hehe*

then i procrastinate doing a paper ... i dont do that paper ;)

i go to her Math29 class at 12:50, i chill during the lecture, at the end i describe how i solved the same problem using advanced algebra :D

Jennifer and I go to mendiccino's lab, i type an english paper, she types an english paper...?

we go to the 3rd floor, find a 2-seat chair, cuddle n makeout ... sweet ...

i go to english.

we mmeet in amador, first floor, theres some bench-thingz, agin ^^^ ;)

but she has to leave, grr, i havta go home soon after.

I guess everyone can tell what i thought made today coolies ;) ... Its the only thing i look forward to, the only reason i wake up ...

the banners nowadays are getting really weird *shudders*

we talked on the phone today, i told her what I like about her ... im doing some recon concerning if im gonna give her my link to my diary ...

We decided that the 24th was the important date, not the 26th ... actually, i had apathy, either day was fine... it made sense tho to hav it the 24th, since that was the day we meet; as opposed to the day i shuddered "so it official?" ...

i still need ot shower

she said shed call me back ... i waited till 11 ... i dont think shes calling back ...

I get to wake up trm, sit in a car fer a hour, and then remember why exactly i enjoy breathing :D


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