2002-10-01 @ 9:16 p.m.

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Person: Jennifer, as if you couldnt guess?

Stuff: So much work, so little tyme

Music: Alkaline Trio doesnt apply anymore ... odd (so what does?)

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my day was forgotten... i dont need to remember anything that Jennifer wasnt a part of. I sat, went to philosophy, spent time with Jennifer *w00t!* went to CSc10, went to the lab...

okay, this was crazy... i had my program done at 4:15, but then i had to totally redesign the whole thing because I used 'IF' statements, and we arent on that chapter yet ... so then my computer has the same code, does the same calculation as everyone elses... but gets exactly 25.22 off .... two different inputs yield that same 25.22 off ... my computer must compute different? I was in a lab, they were all the smae...??? WTF?!?

so i said fsck this, printed what I had a spend another 20 minutes with Jennifer. She is impressed by my L33t, and now by my awesome feats of strength :) i carried her around a bit.. i saw this look in her eye, i cant explain... this spark of something... something that isnt normally there ... in thinking its good... i may be fear, but she doesnt display any other fear-like qualitys..? Earlyer she was going over our class schedules planning the best ways to spend time together *awww* It was SO cute!! *sigh* .. so cute, so cute, so cute *LOOP Statement*

so im thinking about staying as a Computer Engineer. I rock at math, science, n computers... i just was unprepared for pre-calc. Im Dumb.

so yea.. i hav final draft for english due.. midterm art paper due, and my first day training trm ..... but all i seem to care about is the next time ill get to see Jennifer, whihc so happens to also be trm. :)

Planning out my new layout is quite sweet... I can see it now ~ its so awesome ... alot of work tho... alot ... Hmm. ..

maby ill let her in? I mean, im so much more stable now. I have purpose, i feel actually worth something... I dunno ... im not gonna even bring it up until im sure... and even then i might wait awhile :D

Imagine if you got hooked up with someone... and then found out about their crazy suicidal past ... which had ended not too long before you met them? well, yeah.. im gonna wait

wait wait wait

Catholic-ness seems alot less weird as I had conceived it to be.. maby ill convert :D?

well, as i said, lots of work, little time


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