2002-09-30 @ 10:13 p.m.
Payroll, ~Jennifer ... forgotten day

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Person: Jennifer <- my g/f

Do I need to say anything more?

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my day was good... the rest of you seem to be dying..?

I dont remember much, except walking alot to get my payroll forms done, and Jennifer.

Shes really beautiful, maby ill share with you sometime soon :)

We talked today.. were so terrifyed of each other, but its so uniquely cute. Shes very adorable, I love talking with her.

Her mom is dumb tho, and her last b/f was a fsckin jerkoff ... that means problems for me :) but im looking forward to them. Im going to enjoy this >:)

everything seems perfect ... its like my whole surroundings have changed into a perfectly unified beautiful structure, its so wonderful ...

I take a step back, realize that i was right, a g/f would have fixed everything. No one else believed me .. no one cared to try ... its better this way, Jennifer is SO much cooler than anyone i would have chosen :P

And I find myself sitting here only thinking about the next time we'll see each other ... after Philosophy trm ... itll be 1:15 ... grr

we hugged today, it was funny, cuz the first time, it was very awkward; we actually hugged wrong we were so terrifyed of each other... the second was better, i bid H4rDC0r3, and we hugged correctly -- its hard to imagine how to hug 'wrong' but we somehow managed?

my essay, the one i spent so long typing and recovering ... it was very 'rough' draft... but then agin, all the first drafts are very very 'rough' ...

I have alot of things i wanted to do .. i cant think of what they were......


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