2002-09-29 @ 11:20 p.m.
Life-Saving-L33t ~ boring day ~ Jennifer

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My L33t has saved my life. Almost literally

Person: Jennifer, Im starting to worry *too much?*

I need to fill this box too. Im trying to think of a nickname fer Jennifer. *maby somethin Japanese?*

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today wasnt at all enjoyable.

I woke up, called Jennifer. she had work, and she didnt sound very thrilled to hear from me :(

i spent from 1:30-4:30 on an essay for english. has the potencial to be the best essay iv written to date... kiel called, but had nothing to do. Star Trk TNG marathon on TNN today, that was sw33t. Saw the episode "A Perfect Mate" .. i can relate so alot of themes .. Ferengi are awesome.

I had the serious thought to kill myself .. not a good thing ... i think the g/f solution to my 'issues' may be inadequate, she cant be around all the time...? but then agin, i havnt spent a great deal of time with her since thursday ... grr ...

but what triggered this was-> I went to print my essay, but the disk got fscked up somehow by my moms A: drive .... multiple scandisks n L33t-ness showed that the part of the disk that told the disk what it was n where all the files are was destroyed, which explained why the disk wouldnt read and the computer froze... so then i spent a few hours trying all sorts of skillz... eventually i use this program to copy the raw-bits of the disk into one file-> then i went thru that one file in Notepad and found the weirded-raw-text of my essay. I cleaned it up and printed it. w00t ... Notepad is the coolest program, other than QBasic.

the only even remotely cool thing was that I found an '84 Z28 that is quite awesome. its for $2200 but i might be able to talk them down to $2000. i want that car... i need to find the time tho to actually get to test-drive it n stuff. Grr.

One last thing. I realize now that the jer thing was totally un-cool. Im sorry ... im gonna also tell Lacey that ... i dont expect to be forgiven, i really crossed the line ... but still.

and with that->


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