2002-09-28 @ 11:10 p.m.
Jennifer, but not much ~ some day

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I like skipping these since theyre kinda pointless....

Thursday September 26th, 2002 - 7:56pm

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today the sun came out. I missed that part, slept till long after that. In fact, I slept until the sun made its way overhead.. altho it never actually gets over my head, but it was noon anyways.

I called Jennifer, her mom told me she was getting ready for work. I have no clue what procedure could take more than a hour, but i guess ill learn at some point?

various calls n stuff lead to me n jordan going to the mall. I plant a flower that mom told me to before I leave. That may have bein a more interesting part of my day.. I dont think iv ever planted flowers before?

We took the bus, went to all sorts of places,I bought a coolies vest, a taktop n a pink bandana at HotTopic... i put on the vest, had the labcoat tied around my waist.. i looked pretty awesome *i think*.. Saw Jennifer at her work

She glared at me from a distance, she didnt recognize me. I hope that this isnt as bad as im thinking... I dont think she even realized who i was right up until i was at the desk. From there it was surprizingly awkward... a minute or two of chatting, some co-worker was watching from behind some stuff... so me n jordon left... we went some other places, i got a flute, similiar to the $200 one... only myne cost $3.99 ... we got a ride from jordans sister n one of her friends to some places.. it was ok.. then home.

I ate, i cant find my flavor-shots... grr ...

came online, but nothing really interesting out here ...



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