2002-09-28 @ 3:23 a.m.
had some day ~game ~ no Jennifer :(

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Person: Jennifer <- my g/f

Car: *Starts crying* ... $~ the decision~$

Stuff: everything else, w00t. *smiles at Lacey, be careful what you wish*

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today was an odd combonation of w34k and cool ... but not really

i woke up at early, went to kiels, chilld wit jordan.... went to GoodWill and bought a hat, saw ppl from Mesa agin .. talked wit Jill -> it was actually an enjoyable conversation ... mom called, told me about the car

the insurance fool told her that they totaled my car. They were going to pay me bout $3000. if i let them tow it away, i get an extra $400. ... but do i want to fix my beautiful car, or am I gonna sell her out so easily?

so then I went home n ate pizza looking thru the car-ads ... went to kiels n talked wit jill more... went to dwights.. went to game as Jon Irenicus, the only character i played more than once, and hes more than a year old *his sheet was signed 6/30/01* and it was kinda fun. I wanted to go see Jennifer, but those stupid fools didnt leave soon enough, and so they said that JCPenneys was closed already ... but at the same time, we got to game heall early, so we could have at least checked... stupid bastards *grrr* ... kiel was an unkanny ability to put his characters in situations of certain death, and live. Tonite he went up against some funny Garou that could turn into a 12ft tall solid tinanium alloy killing machine with chainguns on its shoudlers ... and its 2 friends ..... he lived. I was his ghoul, but got embraced .... I lived ... it was, odd ..to say the least. the next night we wont be so lucky.

Im gonna re-make that characer, or one like it... play it in both saturday game and maby dawnas game... maby...

Meanwhile im looking forward to seeing Jennfer, and being able to go driving around all i want...

those are the only two things im lacking right now... but i know ill see her on monday... but im much too impatient to wait that long.

Iv noticed a very sharp increase in the mood and energy levels... I spent most of the nite running around in circles and jumping up n down.... they thought i was crazy :D I hav a renewed desire to actually go do stuff alot. it is quite sweet.

im sad about the car tho... but this could be good... i might be getting an '84 Z28 ... w00t.

www.kbb.com say it should cost $2,275 ; it should be in excellent condition w/ 90k miles on it.... hehehe...

but its late, im tired...


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