2002-09-25 @ 9:29 p.m.
Crocker Art Museum ~ funness is fun

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Zeke is like having a retarded little brother, hes much slower than you ~

but you feel so guilty about pointing it out *remorse* <-> sorryz

::: Has too much fun :::

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w00t. <--my day was

I woke up early, and fell asleep late like any other day/nite/thing... it goes w/o saying..??

I called that insurance fool... actually got my fsckin statement in!!!!!! he hit me, but its my fault cuz i was pulling into traffic. Fsck.

Jordan came over, i called Jennifer to tell her that i wasnt goin to skoo todat, but to the Crocker Art Museum.

got there, did my assignment, walked around downtown, went to old-sac, woot, got back, went on the tour with the class, saw Tina, took the lightrail n buses home, lateda, online

not very cool sounding, but it was really fun :P

I came home to an email from 'Juliette", it was interesting ;)

Then one came form 'Fiona' ... Shes after me... and i have made the decision to not-try on hunting her, only becuase her L33t is formitable, prolly even more advanced than myne. Genius can unfortunatly be out-L33t'd ... so basically im gonna play this by-ear, and see what happens. She tells me to ph34r, but i ph34r no enemy, ph34r-not d34th, so im not really sure why she thinks she is ph34r-inspiring.

but just for fun, I tricked Zeke into thinkin i was someone, and extracted all the info I could from him... it will be hilarious to see the reaction fo his if/when he sees this:

vulpineblaze: *yawn*

LaceysManslave: hiya person...

vulpineblaze: so you know jaclyn?

LaceysManslave: yeah,, she's a good friend of mine, but I haven't seen her in ages:-( or heard from her

LaceysManslave: I'm worried

vulpineblaze: I think I might have found her, i read her diary about a week ago, got curious, and I found some alias that fit what I can tell of her personality. Do you know if she had any sn's or nicknames not listened in the diary?

LaceysManslave: none I can think of.

vulpineblaze: Hmm.

LaceysManslave: but it's been a few months since we've heard from her:-(

vulpineblaze: Im probably wrong anyway, I mean, alot of differnt people can act the same huh?

LaceysManslave: dunno. If I knew the name I could probably tell you.

vulpineblaze: Theres about 100, I was hoping you could help with an insight or something.

LaceysManslave: wow.

vulpineblaze: And most are normal names, thats the hard part.

LaceysManslave: what made you go searching for them?

vulpineblaze: I thought she might have had a second diary. Alot of people 'disappear', but really just start a new diary

LaceysManslave: no...I'd doubt it's her. She'd have kept in contact with lacey if there was any way.

vulpineblaze: I suppose. I didnt read any of her friends diarys, so I dont really know much about any of her friends.

vulpineblaze: Did you know if she was in any clubs or communitys or coleges of any kind? That could narrow things down alot.

LaceysManslave: not a thing since she got back to phoenix

vulpineblaze: back? Where was she?

LaceysManslave: flagstaff

vulpineblaze: Oh. Then where did I get the inpressin she was in Missouri?

LaceysManslave: that's where lacey is

vulpineblaze: That explains things. ::comprehends::

vulpineblaze: That leaves me with one question though. Who was Fiona?

LaceysManslave: Fiona?

LaceysManslave: I had an old friend named fiona in Middle School. But never mentioned her as best I can guess

vulpineblaze: She seems to be related to you guys, but I cant find out where.

LaceysManslave: not that i know of.

vulpineblaze: Ask around maybe?

LaceysManslave: perhaps so


Hopefully trm will be even funner than the day before -> at least thats the theme this week.

I really want to give Jennifer a nickname, because Jennifer is too common, and shes anything but common. I think ill havta get to kno her more before giving her one tho :( fsck.

~I can walk, but I will crawl there...


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~WakingUp [email protected]~! Zeroe'dIn~

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