2002-09-24 @ 10:07 p.m.
Social Hydra ~ lose one friend, grow 3 more.

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What a lovely way to end my diary -> and this appears at the top ;)

Dawn still talks to me. Is she nice, or naive?

I need to fill this box too. Im trying to think of a nickname fer Jennifer.

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i couldnt wait to get here!!

altho i now havta stop singing 'Avril Lavigne - Anything But Ordinary' at the top of my lungs... i hate her, shes too preppy ... grr

but today was w00table!

the first part was crazy, my mom wake me up with "Im about to leave!!!" .. well, shes a bitch.. she almost threw me out of the car "you wanna talk, huh!?!! you wanna talk you can find your own fuckin ride damn you!!" so anyways, after that, i got to my comfy seat in the union. drew abit. saw people.... slept kinda.

Philosophy... had the first test, it was easy, I aced it prolly.... class was lame.

got out, waited at Kadema hall for Leah, my fun day was just about to begin... she shows up, we walk about 20ft, and she tells me shes rather go it alone today ... "is that cool...?" stunned, a mutter some affirmative responce an stumble off .... i realize what happened about 30 seconds later, my first offical college rejection! I storm off to the lounge, cuz i feel funner there. I find a seat, and I notice Anime in the seat next to myne... it belongs to a cute, fair-skinned, dark haird girl ... I bid H4rDC0r3, we talk about Anime, she draws fer me.. it was SO fun! i totally blew off CSc10 to stay with her... but she had to go :( but we got to talk for an hour or two, so it was alright ...

then I go to the CSc10-Lab ... meet up with Jaycee, we do the assignment -> it was a lame assignment but a fun lab :) afterward we went to the Riverside Front *or somethin.. its a cafe-place-thing* we chilld, talked.. it rockd!

then i went home, and talkin to mom about gettin a cell-phone! w00t!!

I got home, tryed to call vector, no answer; called jill, no answer; called the cute Anime girl, whose name is Jennifer, we talked fer.. um.. i think 2 hours! w00t!

I want her :) to put it nicely ;) ... but i had more day->>

i get online, and i hav an email reminding me about the crocker art-museum-thing. fsck. fsck-fsck-fsck. im curious on how im gonna get this done... how am I gonna get there?? and the money for it...??

then an email from soemone named Juliette, an admirer of my diary..? suddenly throw my current definition of 'impossible' into question... but anyways->

talked to Mia, but it wasnt really that interesting.. hopefully thatll change...

Had a really sweet talk with Patricia. I really hope my L33t-advice helps :)

and now im out of stuff to type about.. im not in the ranting mood.. plus i need to potty, so i hav no patience...grr


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