2002-09-23 @ 9:25 p.m.
Hare Krishna ~ w0rd 0ut

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more about Fiona as my search progresses

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today was long...

i got on campus hella fscking early like normal.. las nite i didnt sleep till 2am

did my english assignment.. the lab printers are on serious-political-embargo-krak

sat in the 2nd floor union lounge... w00t.. drew alot, tryed using mom craptacular cell phone. i spent all of today obsessing over that spirit flute...

chill'd with the yoga club.

went to art, took the test, saw the slide, talked to tina, wave at christina and got ignored,

went to english, ate, saw Seyda *its a cool name* failed the quiz, classly-participated, turned in the HW, talked to natalie about drawing...

had a phone interview with the CSUS Annual Fund. i rockd, the interviewer i think likes me ;) and im gonna have another interview with her boss at 2:15 on thursday. w00t...

chill'd wit the yoga club.

went to the mediatation class.. kirton... *i think thats how it is spelld* krton is so fun! its chanting mantras so a tune.. so fun.. so fun.. i want the flute... i want to kno more mantra'z ... then i came home.

Saw Jessica, shes a frshman this year.. first time in 4 months seeing her.. it suckd i didnt get to talk to her. fsck.

ate, called vector, n Leah. wathced Star Trek. a girl i kno from yahoo somehow called. I dont kno how to spell her name tho, so i cant tell it to you .. fsck.

email from Fiona.. it waa fun :D

now im here ... in the now...

and ironically


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