2002-09-21 @ 9:09 p.m.
Mandatory entry.. nothing happened really

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Mood: *Lol'z* spicing up a boring day.

Cereal: Fruity Pebbles! w00t!

Person: Leah, I wish I had bein able to actually talk to her...

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so after my last entry *winks at Lacey* i went to Dwights. I got there, no one was there, i thought i was ditched .. so i layed on the lawn.. jeff shows up.. we chill a bit... then Dwight pulls up, his go-cart contain anthony, matt, n stewie ... we chill, talk, watch part of Monsters Inc ... the power goes out. I jump up and tell everyone to accompany me while I go looting ... they protest, they are cowards, Police shoot looters on site ... cowards.

we talk n stuff, we all get tired and are about to sleep... then the power comes back on. Fsck that! so we watch the rest of Monsters Inc and then sleep. we awaken, and since some of them fell asleep, we re-watch Monsters Inc ... Dwights sister comes home, we start moving.. we all leave to various locations... i think Dwights sister might like me? but anyways->

so then i get home, sleep, wake up at 7, eat, watch TV, get online ... and heres my my fun nite begins :). i was supposed ot be a game too... :P

I do my usual routine, open MSN, Yahoo!, AIM... check email *had none* start chat windows with some ppl.. open DLand buddy-list n read the entrys ... 4 of you updated, Lacey n Dawn were the fun ones. Well, in short, Lacey and Dawn both did not approve of my last entry. at least i know they are still reading this tho :) I knew that Lacey wouldnt be thrilled with it.. i didnt quite expect what i got... w00t ... but if you think about the way i think.. slow methodical endings, instead of the quick ones.. then you'll see why im not gonna react to this. She seems to think im crazy ... its kinda interesting how that works... both her n jill. They hav the same opinions on me.. im too demanding, i dont care, im crazy ... Hmm ... but then agin, they kno me? but Becky doesnt tell me stuff like that? i dunno...

I checked up on the counceling policys at CSUS.. it turns out i only get 8 sessions a semester, and a total of 16 sessions for my 4-year college career. so do i really wanna waste some on this? i mean, if i get worse, wont someone notice and hav me institutionalized, saving me my free sessions? either way there free :) so ill wait. besides, i kno exactly what will fix everything... but neither Jill, Lacey, Becky, or anyone else are willing to participate. their missing out on so much too ... probably besides their all two-faced liars that really do hate me, but dont want to deal with the consequences of me finding out. whatever the truth iz, im too bored of this to keep typing about it


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