2002-09-21 @ 2:10 a.m.
boring day; thats not L33t he's packin'~!

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Mood: *Lol'z* spicing up a boring day.

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today was lame...

called the insurance fool 8 times, no responce, called Leah 2 or 3, no responce... jeff showd up, i knew the whole episode of TNG from only seeing the first 1-2 minutes... im becoming pathetic....

we fixd my bike and rode to dawna'z-game.. pretty far, then back home... we rode around alot, ever since 10, its now 2.... nothin special...

Everyone should go see a pic of Jere, or better yet, ill see if I can post one. Then one should go email Lacey about what they think. Im having fun with this .. hehehe...

um ... thats about it ...

Now, email Lacey and tell her what you think. Now, from my estamites, assuming that she is 5'4, and average weight, he should be about 7'9 and 690 lbs. I ph34r that he might be comtemplating eating her, or maby only a meaty part of her, like her arm for instance. As you can see, his cellular structure is altering, causing a forward force-vector strong enough to accelerate him in Laceys direction *laughing too hard to continue*

Im sorry Lacey, but im in a good mood, i cant help but to be cruel. Think about what youv done to Zekes self-esteem. I mean, if he was beat-out by me, he could see why, since i am so much more awesome than he is. But Jere... err... qunatity yes, but thats not L33t he's packing.


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