2002-09-19 @ 9:17 p.m.
~Leah, God, and funky-fat

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I like skipping these since theyre kinda pointless....

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Im so very tired... but my day was sweet

I started it like any other, forcing myself to move, recently iv bein using the hare-krishna thing.. it helps.

then sitting around fer dayze... i saw Amy, followed Amy to hr class, she was on her phone so she didnt talk to me... then more wait-tion till i saw Leah .. followed her, talked breifly.. then wait-tion ........ then philosophy, with iz dumb.

I saw Leah agin like normal, walked with her to ther car, then to the library.. we talkd, it rockd ... at the end we exchanged phone numbers *dances the happy-dance* .. the only thing that made the question the scene, a breif thing she said, i cant tell what she meant... "I dont usually date guys" ... she said it like as if she was never allowed to go outside, that it wasnt her choice kinda.. but when i type it i read it like as if she meant she digs chicks ..... and then, reading into it more, did she just say shes breaking policy to date me? well, im throughly confuzed :) but im also strangely content with things --?

back to my day, so i chill, sit, wait ... CSc10 , boring like usual, had a pop quiz, which could very well hav bein one of the easyest quizez ever. The hardest part was deciding if i should put the date/class on it. so w34k. Jaycee ditched me, she got done with it sooner.. i made sure to put -complete- answers.. i didnt want to fail somethin that easy ....

then i slept in the 2nd floor union lobby. so comfy .. Mmm...

I called Leah, at about 7:30. she was eating. She didnt call me back, she hung up kinda hastily, she never bothered with defining who will call who, and one thing i said, altho she might had missed it, "nah, its not a pressing matter, you could call me back later..." .. prolly not the best thing to say, but i still havnt bein called back. ?

breif rant, about God agin .. basically, he is random, if i rolled a dice, and it came up 5, the reason it came up 5 is God. all the things that arent controlled perfectly is him, because if he affects anything else, that disturbs humanitys free will, he would be unjustily going against himself. No perfect being will go against themselves like that .... proof

Leah likes Sushi, she loves sushi ... i might love her *sigh* but im dumb, ill fsck things up .. maby i already hav? hopefully my L33t-skillz will actually work this tyme tho. shes really cool ... i want to hang out w. her one day and show her off to all my frineds.. theyll be jealous.

but anywayz-> jere iz a funky-fat-dude.. its an odd random-passing -thought... but he is, its kinda creepy. I saw Lacey n him in a picture. Hes fscking huge, if they ever fsck, shell havta be on top ... and she'd prolly havta bring her own oxygen *laughs histerically*

^^ thats my ~evil~ fer the day, w00t.


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