2002-09-18 @ 9:49 p.m.
kinda metaphysical day ~ i think

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I like skipping these since theyre kinda pointless....

you'll know any of this after reading the entry?

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I had two rants .... now i may have more?

Well, my day itself was interesting. God has decided to bid some wholly-divine-perfection-L33t .. or the whole world has totally lost its coherence. ?

I woke up, went to skoo... sat at the fountain, got bored of the fountain, sat in the 2nd floor of the Union, slept there, went to the fountain, then Kadema hall ... But in-transit to Kadema I was intercepted by a jesus-fr34k. he talked alot, and all about God, Christ, etc.. and sited references from da bible, which he had conveniently stuffed in his back pocket. As if to say "Who needs a wallet, I got God?" and that was actually his main point. He's perfectly willing to be poor n get whooped on in this life, cuz hes going to heaven; na-nah na-nah na-nah :P ..... then I got to Kadema an hour later, saw Sarah, talked to Sarah ... Went ot art, which was being held in the library.. hav to do some funky project-thing ... talked with Tina breifly, talked with Beth breifly ... almost met Laura ...

Thne english, it was basically another class-perios wasted talking about Birkerts dumb essay. It was good the first few times... but now ... fsck. Talked with the group, consisting of me, Tina, Natalie, Seyda, and Amy. well, after class I meet up with Amy, and we talk, walking towards the dorms. We arrive at her dorm-place n I see her roommate-pplz. Id pick Amy over them anyday .... Then back to the Union, 2nd floor lounge, i drew... Could be one'a the best of them yet? or maby im geting worse :P

The first rant I can think of started las nite walking home from Jordans... and it kinda kept going till.......

Its like when we were little, first comprehending the world, and we had that box with shapes.. we had to fit the shapes into da box. Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, And Squiggle. Thats the same thing im at now, which shape to put in the box? I only really hav time n effort to figure out one, to explore n learn about one. I dont remember which career was which shape.. it was the main bulk of the rant. But the conclusion I drew was that I should fondle all the shapes first, to keep with the analogy. It turned into another rant, I more mindful one ... When I looked into the basic ideas I was having on my future... and when considering Jordans life-plan... I came up with something. Jordans plan is Navy-builder, then owning/fixing property while in the reserve, and doing art... 3 careers at once... all connected by his internal desire to build, to make things. When looking at my personality, im creative, I apply my own unique sense-of-self to everything I do ... I try to devise a new tactic for every situation... im always in that kinda creative-outflowing mindset. Now, what kind of L33t-activityz can i do? Well, im actually thinking somethin along the lines of a communication degree, maby even journalism *Amys roommate said it* .... but i dunno. Im gonna havta look into things more, obviously.

Now, about God. I thought alot and came to the conclusion that evil is the direct spawn of humanitys irrespondsible use of its own free-will. God is omnipotent, but since he is perfect, then he has to have some kind of 'good'. so while he -can- do all sorts of things, he chooses not to. He doesnt fix our mistakes, he doesnt destroy the universe, he doesnt do anything that affects our free will ... so thats why things are the way they are. It makes perfect sense this way. Concerning heaven/hell ... Hmm... I dunno. But I do know that doing good is better than doing evil, no matter what comes next -> so thats basically what im gonna do.


God isnt a 'he' .. its just easyer to say/think using that pronoun. the proof-> God is perfect, therefore he ~CANT~ be male.

I had a day ... i hope youv enjoyed it. LAcey updated her diary, but it was only to commemorate a lost rant. she really needs to find some free time to waste out here.... even I still update!! and I have a life!

so anyways


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