2002-09-14 @ 11:45 a.m.
Glasses are weird... who drew this Anime?

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Place: Im not sure, everything drawn wrong...?

Mood: Im still in "Manic" ... i think it'll be a few dayze till I go "Depressive" agin

Future: year 3000-> perfection ... w00t!

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Well, im home from the eye-doctor-glasses-maker-pplz ... then we went to breakfast at some funky lil coffe shop really close to home that ever since i was lil hav bein afraid of. Dwights siter works there, along with toast, evan, and some girl i also saw at mesa alot. Weird.

having these glasses is very weird, its like iv bein watching Anime only from one producer all my life, and then watching this new one, same storyline, but totally different animation styles. This ones is much sharper .. but all the angle seem wrong. I cant really describe it, because everything is still perfectly proportional to itself, but it just feels different. so weird... iv bein staring at all sorts of things recently, just cuz everything looks so weird. Being on the puter, looking down to type like alwayz ... so weird... I look very lame in glasses i think. Like, w/o them, all my lil flaw go toward making me look rugged n sexy. Now, they all seem to go into making me look like an ugly dork. *sigh* but everything else looks cool. Damn... maby its cuz with my glasses i can clearly see everything wrong with me? that could be it? :D?

i cant wait to see my friends n stuff... i think itd rock.

las nite i was so bored i tore out half of my toenail from my toe.. i realized what i was doing after seeing all the blood... now it hurts...

I think im gonna use my L33t-skillz to change the future of this planet. Im devising plans, L33t-skillzd plans .. hehe.. all McMoneagles fault. Im think, if im ever uber-rich, im gonna start a eugenics program... im gonna create super-humans. And then ill plan out a society for them, and they will live it, and slowly become even better, since they will be trained in genetics :D and will be breed for destruction, their life spent being taught to kill. And ill unleash them on the world, starting with the lamer, lass rich parts of the world to test them.. 3rd world countries n such. Once the killerz die tho, the land will be unpopulated, and the super-humans can colonize the rest of the world. They will continue to advance further anf further until they become ~perfect~ ... w00t!

till then, i think im gonna become a psychologist, im good at that.

i dunno tho

well, thats my rant...

my vision iz weird.. ph34r


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