2002-09-11 @ 9:17 p.m.
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you all kno what day this was... but first-> chronology :)

I got skoo like normal -> too early .. i sat, walked around, dropped precalc, met a girl named Jennifer, got my art journal done ... sat in front of Art, talked to Christina n Beth, about art, but also other things. Beth likes Star Trek. I ph34r for her safety :) Ph34r.

Sat thru the class ... omg ... boring, in the most interesting way possible. These classes are messin up my reality-tunnel. Then, talked with Tina while walking to English, talked breifly with her in the class ... held my tongue alot... then she met up with some dude.. she mentioned someone 'shes seeing' .. so shes off the list .. fsck .. ... laterz I met with Eileen, we talked awhile, she drove me home. w00t.

Now, fer my rant. My way to remember.

Think back, remember when we were told that the founders, those men who wrote the constitution, who fought the revolution, you were told they were great men. They are what this country stands for, patriotism, justice, freedom. At that point in history, the sun never set on the British empire, they had colonys on every continent.

Now, what are we? The USS Cole, where exactly was it bombed? We are imposing ourselves on every nation in the world. Follow the american way, or else..? How much does that sound like freedom? The isrieli's are dominating palestine, when a palestinen suicide bomber kills 9 isriels, they bulldoze the bombers home town. We cut financial aids to palestine, but not isriel? Those suicide bomber are the oppressed and impovershed. You wonder why America becomes a target.

Plus, theres the leader that we didnt quite elect, Bush, who wants to oust Saddam for the same reason his father did. If They can get rid of Saddam, if they can control the middle east, then they control the oil. All of the Bush administration benifits off this plan! His father tried the same thing and failed.

And then, the worst thing of all -> They could have prevented this. There was mulitiple report spread out over the past 10 years, some of the recent include one where the lead-planner for the 9/11 hijackings - he was report to the FBI for suspiocious behavior. He only had basic flight training skillz, but wanted access to the 747 simulators. This could have bein prevented, but it wasnt. We needed an excuse to attack. Ground-Zero is the perfect excuse ;) --- same thing with Pearl Harbor actually, roosevelt got word that the japanese fleet disappeared, and that some strange coincidences were happening. He also knew that if they hit even one ship, or all of them, that we had perfect excuse to declare war.

The nature of this government is based on greed and power, how can we trust them? Any of them? We cant... I would sooner entrust my life to Bin Laden, he very straightforward with his agenda .. hes freeing his homeland. Altho killing civilians is totally un-cool --- thats the only difference between us n them, our ancestor killed british soldiers ... they killed civilians. The people in the Pentagon were free-game tho, also anyone in the WhiteHouse, if they die, its fair play :) they were never -forced- to become politicians ...

In any case, seeing all this stupid crap for September 11, its the governments easiest way to control the public.

Now, as of late, i hav no solution for this situation. It bein 100 years in the making, so i think at this point, nothing short of a revolution will fix things ... but otherwise, im gonna vote third-party ... im gonna vote the poor cindidate into office... and maby even try to get a chick or black-dude into office. Change in ~our~ regime is in order, Saddam is only retaliating to our presence and show of force. If we leave him alone, he'll start killing other middle-easterner instead of us. w00t!

Third Party Politics

Lacey needs a hug, and some political awareness...

I feel sorry for Emma, hopefully she'll try to publish some truth, and not propaganda...

Im falling asleep, so I cant think of much else...


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