2002-09-12 @ 8:22 p.m.
Coolies day ~ lateda , *Manic*

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T.V.: Friday Nite Bonus Treks! w00t!

Person: Leah - cute, creative, nice; further investagation required

Stuff: getting better at Manga, classes r ok, feelin' coolies *Lacey, w00t*

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today was cool'ish

I got to skoo all early n shit, sat at the fountain, slept on one'a the benches, drew, read the philosophy book to try n combat the stupid-dumbness of the class... got there, talked w/ the cute asian that sits behind me ...

then the break ...i drew somemore ... And Then i saw that one coolies art-chick, went to the bookstore and bought an eraser/pencil sharper thingy, 3 pencils, and a disk. Then i saw that coolies art-chick sitting .. so i bid H4rDC0r3, walk up, and introduce myself... we talked till 2:50, and then we parted. Her name is Leah, i think its a very pretty name *blushes* .. so yeah, thats why my day r0x0rz ...

then CSc10, *yawn* i kno programming logic, so the class is boring x2 ... talked w/ Jaycee tho, i think she likes me, she tryed playing the not-quite-so-footsie-game i usually play with girls i like. Its basically where during the course of an hour+ i manage to do everything with our feet but actually touch ... the other person rarely notices anything is happen, and yet its very thrilling. She started, i moved on accident . the game ended ... she kept looking at me tho, i think the same way i look at her ..........

But oh well :)

then i sat around fer hella dayze waitin fer mom.

Now fer my rant, which really isnt rantful ...

The List of new college friends : *in order of random*

Tina - shes cute, short, i thought perfect, till she said she was seein someone. She likes punk alot, and seems to be attracted to guys that look like me..? her major was somethin lame .. i cant remember it. FF.

Jaycee - from CSc10, i first noticed her because of her uniquely-blu very beautiful eyes, i secondly noticed her cuz of her name. On the lab tues i sat next to her and talked with her. w00t. shes a math major :) junior i think

Mary - met in CSs10, talked to her, we child n talked one day. shes a business major, who doesnt seem to likes me..? oh well, i think junior or senior

Crystal - The cute-asian in precalc.. ill prolly never see her agin. damn. she said i have pretty eyes too .. fsck ... shes a civil-engineering major..

Betty - im not supposed to kno her name, she hasnt told it to me yet. shes the cute-asian in philosophy .. i dont kno much else.

Sarah - met her out front of my art class. I think shes christian, and shes a child development major. i see her around often, shes usually the one to say hi to me .. woot.

Beth - met in Art, shes likes star trek n vampire books. shes pretty cool, her father is an archelogist, and i think she said she was an anthropology major...

Mike - some fool from art, tina thought he was my friend, i thought he was hers. go figure?

Christina - she has art n engl w/ me, same as beth, tina, n mike. we talked in front of art one day, about art n stuff. she has a sexy eastern-european accent. she may be russian or somethin?

Leah - met today near the fountain, shes a junior, im not sure what her major is, but im guessing art. shes cute :) we talked about politics n stuff. she went to cosumnes river college before CSUS ...

Eileen - i knew fer from the intronet, one'a the reason i wanted to get into sac state ... shes managed to get me into her car twice, shes the first real date if bein on. shes coolies.. her parents are really mean tho, maby ill fix them fer her >:) ..sophomore

Frank - from orentation, we played air hockey, iv seen him around a few tymes.

Stevie - from orentation, i saw her yesterday goin to the library, we talked breifly... she was a criminal justice major. FF

Ross n Brain Boen - both from mesa, they seem to go to sac state too.. sweetenss, JonNy G. will havta prove some H4rDC0r3 for them, so that they do not underestimate my L33t-skillz...FF

Jennifer - not really a friend, i only talked to her fer about 90 seconds ... but still, i used my L33tness to meet her, she had ph34r.

so yeah -- theres more, i jus dont hav names yet :( maby next week?


hehehe ... im bored.


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