2002-09-10 @ 10:16 p.m.
I Love You *huggles* ~ insight?

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Mood: Insightful, cuz of my Kn0ledg3, skillz, and P0ww4!! w00t!!

Game: Life -> im down $3000, i need to kick things up a notch!

Future: No Soln

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I had a day -

got to skoo, chilld, went by the career center, academic advising, public safety department, engineering/computer deptartment -

philosohpy sucks, its the stupidest class, the stupidest subject ... i wanna slap Anselm with a lead baseball bat ... so fscking dumb.

then somemore time between classes, meet wit a psych professor ...

then CSc10, then the lab ... got to meet Jaycee ... shes cool, cute.. math major *shudders* ... i couldnt believe it.

then, after class, i was chillin at the fountain like normal .. and I saw Ross! Ross! w00t!

I ran up, we talked n walked around fer an hour .. he had respect for JonNyG'z skillz ... he didnt hav ph34r, but only because i -chose- not to give him reason ..

I had a headache most of the day

Now i dont

I figured shit out kinda, it cuz of *oddly* philosophy.

I realized that there alot I dont kno, alot i cant assume ... theres so many different ways this universe, this reality can be organized... so who am I to assume?

Im addition to that, I used my Malkavian senses to determine what fate wants from me, in some terms .... basically, what its doing is making girls like me fer the first-meeting, but if i try n get to kno them they stop... its not any personality-thing, cuz its not anything im saying anything that is bad in any way ... i know that -

my conclusion is that im supposed to continueon, with confidence n H4rDC0r3-L33t ... i will use my skillz against/for others, prove my worth,etc ...

Im thinking im gonna take GE next spring, both Eng01 and Psy01 and/or Psy05 .. and some other broader-range courses ... i will be L33t.

So basically, if you couldnt already tell, im now in full course of 'Manic' ... it should be a quite while before im out of it ...

I saw 4 Star Treks ... one about what it means to be Kilingon .. always uplifting .. they make me wanna go workout and whoop on ppl n stuff :)

Im gonna drop precalc ... im deciding on how/when tho ... i dunno ... Hmm .. they was Crystal, the cute asian .. a decision. Hmm ...


i can find more :))


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