2002-09-08 @ 11:02 p.m.
just sat around, thought abot stuff~ Manga

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Mood: My day was kinda lame, but im very happy anywayz :D

Person: Patricia, she needs a hug

trm, and the following weeks shape the next few years, and the rest of my life, and the lives of those around me. w00t!

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well, today was lame ... its kinda funny, today could have bein Me-n-Jill'z 3rd year anniversary. If i wasnt so fucking stupid, these could have bein the three happiest years of our lives. Instead, i sat around all day wallowing in my own lameness, fantizing about the way things were.

todays time-line tho was just as unimpressive, i woke up, ate, did hw, chatted, drew, all in various order.

I got to talk with Lacey today, Ill be sending a letter trm ... so coolies

breif talk with Emma, and an email, both telling me I should live in a dorm. I ph34r the dorm tho, plus i hav no money...

Got to talk with Patricia today, cleared some things up there. Hopefully she'll realize what i said was true and feel better about it.

Talked to Jill, she forsakes me like usual .. when given the decision on heather to not to totally betray me, she hast'a think hard, its a tough decision. I didnt cry though :) i feel proud. Instead i drew ... Im gonna give her one of the drawingz... maby it will affect her in some way favorable to me :) my new Manga skillz are growing, yo should all hav gr34t ph34r.

hopefully soon ill be good enough at it to accomplish somethin or impress someone :)?

till then im just a wanna-be faking-the-funk

I think in going into 'Manic" agin, and i think i was actually resisting it ... thats not good, when im resisted happyness... my mental health is declining *i think?* ... but oh well, right now i feel good.. good enough to avoid doing anything about it :) i really dont want to share this with someone who will try n fix me ... and then when depressive comes ill be so afraid ill prolly reset before theres tyme for someone/thing to get in the way :) I like that plan.

Im gonna see about talking to some Psychology professors about my major-change ... its a very ironic field for me to get in to, but im really good at it, and i like making people feel better :) ...

well, im kinda tired, plus im really looking forward to seeing Tina agin ... hopefully my skillz will prevail!

Ill dream of you tho ;)

nitenite fe rnows


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