2002-09-08 @ 12:23 a.m.
but no where safe the storm ~

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Music: Techno, Metallica, Alkaline Trio

Mood: Im not sure, happy kinda

Future: Uncertain. Decision Pending

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I talked to Lacey i long while.. got an email from Tina ... talked briefly to Bethy ... I re-read my diary

I thinking about seeing a therapist. I prolly need it, but im not going to take a prescription, and i dont want anyone to find out, and i dont hav the money to pay!.. i think they pffered free services at the college fer students ... im gonna havta check up on it :)

I hate mosquito bitez .. they fscking suck!

I had an interesting thought ... tell Tina bout my diary ... hmm ... bad idea, totally bad idea

I just dont know about things ... all these choices n possiblities and bad-things n stuff... maby im just overwhelmed and theres nothing really wrong, i should just chill fer a week ..... but i hata kno before the 13th, so i can drop those classes ; else my GPA iz fscked

I typo too much

I wanna draw better, more often too ... i saw one of Alidia's friends draw.. im so jealous! I also read a comic called 'battle pope' ... i hav gr34t ph34r ... i might go to hell just for reading that comic .. so blasphemous ... so hilarious!

:(|) <- the monkey symbolizes my primal rage! Ph34r!

im bored, and i dont want to sleep yet, i dont really hav much to type about..?

If I die, id like Lacey to get my puter, unless she owns a cooler one by them; Jill gets my l00t, but only once shes going to college and id prefer if she lived here and took my room n my spot in the family. Jill should prolly get the poonstang ... my other crap should get distributed among my other fangirlz approproiately ... i dont really want to think about it tho ... jus fer reference ...

*listening to Techno, feels mood lifting*

im testing my resolve n my skilld willpower ... i havnt spanked it fer, like, a week ... now while that might not seem like such a big deal, on a few occasions waiting 3 minutes fer boot-up felt like eternity :P ... so yeah .. plus it also will hav a positive effect on my pheramone levels, which helps me make friends ;) so I feel skilld n L33t n stuff now ... except im also alot easyer to gte riled .. Lacey had ph34r .. Even Jamie had ph34r :)) all must hav ph34r...

Hopefully things go well on Monday ... i wonder what will happen trm?

i think im gonna sleep ...


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