2002-09-02 @ 2:01 a.m.
day w/ Alidia ~ hopefully another trm

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Food: Sushi w/ Alidia trm Nite

Mood: Good, looking forward to trm

Person: Alidia, the only one who likes Sushi around here :D:))~!!

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I had some day, most of these dayz are useless tho, consiring the fact college starts, and will re-form all my previous thoughts/convictions/decisions .... but still, make the most of it?

I woke up early, so that i could get tyme to hang out wit Alidia. Im awake at 10am, i help mom get the cats to the vet... then after both cats, i call and arrange to drive Alidia around shopping, then we get mom n go to a movie mom was paying for. I dont really like being the bum like that, but mom told me to come wit her to a movie n i can bring someone ... she started it :P

So we went to the movie, S1M0NE, it didnt hav any chick-flick-cry-scenes .. or at least i didnt see any, so i didnt get to try that arm-over-shoulder-thing ... she talked to my mom alot, like in the car n such ... they got along good..? i hav no clue how thats gonna affect things. Then i take her home, we talked n stuff more ... i think she likes me, but i dunno ... irl iz very confuzing...

so then i help mom with groceries, and get home .. i call her to tell her that mom will need the car, so our sushi-plan may not work... mom at some point says 'so whos Alidias boyfriend?' .. kinda accusing-like, as if she thought i would say "Me!" .........

Then Kiel n Jordan call, kiel decides on poon, jordan comes over, then we go to a pool-hall near kecks, we find keck, JQ, n weast ... we see Jenna, Ashley, n Hahhah in the 68 cruzr ... we chill at JQz fer dayz, playing pool ... then we briefly go to kecks ... then we depart...

I talk to Jordan fer a long while, about ALidia first, then about his life, then Jill *making me realize shes poison*, then Alidia n such ...... then he departs .. and then i come online.

Now im talking to Kiel, who never got his poon, and im trying to pry info from him .. hes accusing me of liking her -- im not transparent, but i did go a lil too straightforward with my questionings *looks to the question i jus asked, yep* ... but hopefully ill get something out of him before i fsck up too badly...?

so yeah, i had some day ... im sad that i didnt get to see anyone online tho .. that sux

hopefully trm?


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