2002-08-31 @ 10:42 a.m.
No Sleep, More Day, Stikfa RPG

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Mood: Insightful, cuz of my lack of sleep

I cant think of what I want to put in this box?

Future: Four Chances.

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After my last post, i went back to jeffs, and then kiel n jeff played stikfa fer a long whilez. many hours pas? then we went to Dwights ... Dwight, melissa n travis had succumb to their un-L33t-ness to sleep... so kiel stays to wake them, and me jordan n jeff go to Jack-in-da-box ... we eat, have a sleep-deprived conversation comparing Sex to Sushi ... it was prolly one'a the funniest conversations weve had ->

so then we get back to Dwights, and find a sleeping un-L33t-weak Kiel... fsck him, we watch 'High Crimes' ... it was an ok movie, iv seen better, seen much worse ... the movie ends, kiel slept, jordan had breif-sleep .... the movie ended and we all went to our homes... while walking with Jeff, jeff decided to think i had no chick-skillz; quite on the contrary, i couldnt ever hav enough chick skillz, i could get anyone laid,or happily married, but its jus somethin about me, i guess im too friendly, too nice ... so im doomed to loneliness for trying to make people happy. Ironic/Pathetic <--> Me

I have 4 chances left. only 4 ... once those are out, so am I.

I cant think of anything else to type, since i havnt slept for 20 hours ... my normal is 10-14

I hav to do a major ReMod on the stikfa game ... Im gonna make "The First Edition" ..... it has completed it ProtoType phase ........ its sad that a bastarderized RPG system using little model action figures is the only things i get to look forward to in my day .... id rather have a someone, instead of that some'thing' .... *shuddders* at my pitifulness



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