2002-08-31 @ 2:56 a.m.
My First Car Accident, plus some day

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Food: The last bits of Sushi

Mood: I got in a car accident .. :D

Future: None, things are scary

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Well today was ... interesting.

I woke up at 2:50 ... it suckd, cuz i wanted to be awake earlier to try n have a coolies day. Anyways->

Got to kiels at 3:10, chilld awhile, Kiel n jeff were mocking - kiel using a Stikfa, Jeff using a Vtm character. It was funny. Dwight had a coolies story, and an essay thing. He read his essay, about his emotional instability and anger-problems in one of his classes today. At the end, some wigger-kid laughed at him, so Dwight slammed the kidz head on the desk n knocked him out. The wigger-kids frined punched Dwight once, then Dwight whooped throughly upon the second kid before being suspended, and possibly expelled. Dwight had a lame, yet coolies day.

I drive Jeff to my home, where he proceeds to creath his own Stikfa-Character. mom says to be back by 5:15 sharp. I drive Jeff to kiels at 4:50, arrive n pickup Jordan at 5... im in the CalrsJr parking lot, making a left turn *acroos double-yellow* onto old auburn. I decide that ill hav enough room after this golden-broze BMW n white mustang are clear ... they clear, i pull out. Thw whole time im watching two cars. Well, as im pulling out im looking right, when i look back left, theres this funky lil tercel, who slams into my left-front headlight'ish area. Fsck.

We do that info-exchange, then i help get his car to a parking spot, i check myne - its still running perfectly :)) i drive him down the street a lil, then drive home.

I get home at 5:30, Mom left 5 mins ago :P --- she return at 8:30'ish, i tell her whats up, she calls the insurance-ppl .... it turns out that they had already called their ppl, and hav gotten their story in first *whatever story that may be?* and so that what the claims-fool hears first..? i may be fscked.

I had assumed it to be technically my-fault because of the double-yellow lines. Kiel read a passage from the DMV book saying "you can turn left across double-yellow" ... so I dont know anymore.

I talked to Jill breifly, shes mean...

Worked on the Stikfas RPG alot today, it is complete. Well, for now :D

Got to watch Friday Nite Bonus Treks! w00t!

thats it ... my day.

fat-kid was on a plane to go see his stupid gay ass dad *if his dad comes into da house, i kill him. No hesitation, no exception* in any case, hes gonna be butt-molested by his father this laborday weekend, i laugh. I was supposed to go.. fer some reason? but i didnt, cuz i was hit... she got back, and now shes all nervous-like from both the insurance-car-thing and the fatkid-butt-molest thing ...

My car is doing ok, shes missing the headlight, and a piece of paneling on the frontest-left... but she drives good. I looked on the inside, and theres no visible internal-damage. I could prolly fix all the damage with a rubber-mallet. And a new headlight. I really hope i dont lose her tho :(( ... The only thing thats bein perfectly loyal to me.. she even gets jealous *is turned on by jealous-chicks?* so yeah, the next payment for insurance is Sept15th, $1000. I only have $500. Now, the insurance will go up ... *fights off tears*


Then i ate the las bit of sushi, got in melissas car, wit her, travis, n kiel ... we went to carls, we saw the car that hit me, and we chilld fer an hour+ n got jordan .. we went to jeffs.

thats bout it.

while at carls we saw the fool who hit me n his friend tow away the car ... at 1am ...?

nitenite fer nows


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