2002-08-29 @ Pre-MidNite'ish
!$~* My 18th Birthday *~$!

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Food: Sushi! w00t! *dances, sings, cheers, huggles*

Mood: Birthday, exstatic, bubbly even! w00t!

Game: Stikfas RPG Prototype! w00t! Go Me!! Buy yours now!

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Today was my birthday-day ... It was SO fscking awesome!! w000000ttT!!!

At bout 12:30am i went ot jordans work, 1-1:30 he got in my car and we drove ... at around 1-1:30, picked up kiel... we drove all sorts of places, the bank, jordans so jordan could change, shannon-n-danni'z, Swag the MidNite Homie, got gas ... at some point jordanz agin .. we end up at Kiels, i talk to Jill, i got a black t-shirt with the wordings 'Chewie' and the Wookie was portrayed on the front.. and $20. Somehow i wasted lotsa tyme there, and went home breifly to sleep, and then was back, and then i drove jordan to his home ... and then we went back to kiels, and then to Mesa.. then then awhile in kiels ... I bid 4 H4rDC0r3 and got Kiel to stay at my house while i took jill around everywhere .. got some Carls Jr food, then the cake fer me n ice cream.. dropped it at my home... went to get Sushi at a place on Sunrise .. they werent open fer dinner till 5pm ... i go to da one on Douglas .. same thing .. grr.. but A-1 comics is next-door, and it was 4:40 .. so i show Jill the comic store ...... then we ate Sushi, i loved it, Jill almost threw up .. she ate some'a the icky part tho, so its kinda her own fault ... she made me take two portions home.. but shes not gonna eat them -> i will trm prolly. then we came back. We ate the Carls Jr food... kiel slept awhile'ish, while i tormented Jill... i cant tell if that was progress, since she relented alot cuz of my birthdayness ... i got a kiss tho *swoons*

Took her home, played the Prototype for the Stikfas RPG ... it was rockin

Took kiel home ... now in here n online ... It was a quite fun exciting coolies day!!

and now its over *sniffles*

Stan, DLand-sara, Jamie, and Lacey all emailed a reply to my birthday-ness. They are now special to me. Well, even moreso I should say, especially Lacey, cuz shes my favorite!

err .. im kinda out of things to type ... i like Sushi:D?

NiteNite fer nows



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