2002-08-28 @ 12:40 a.m.
post summer - pre college - day

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Two more dayze .... longest week of my life

<> - *Apathy*

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fairly interesting day ... well.. maby not that much ...

I woke up early, 11:30 ... did all my hygiene stuff ....

Went to kiels, chilld wit laura n jordan .. then went to da skoo, saw ppl, saw Mr.Waugh and hes cool ... saw Sara lil sister, she told me to call, cuz she had questions, prolly regarding my hardcore-ness ... *breif moment, recall, honor* .. and then back to kiels ... talked to Jill, im slowly, ever so slowly changing her mind, i can tell ;) ... then chilld wit the everyones ->

we all went to jordans! thats actually not a big deal .. but we chilld, mock fighting, i spent most of the day deciding what exactly my character would be ... learnd some car-stuff-ness ... i now hav the complete knowledge to fix my car to perfection :D .. w00t!

anyways, i read some book, and now i want to be a bastet ... except i think im gonna trick everyone into become formori-ish .. hehehe ... anyways, we chilld a while longer, then went to D-wights ...

I watched Blade, its a cool movie - but not that cool... doesnt follow Vtm at all ... lots of character-making-ness goings on .. none of it myne :) ...

then we came here, jordon took control of my puter n talked to Becky ... :D? ... we ate from the bounty of my fridge ... they left .. i read some KKK propaganda. Its actually kinda interesting, they make a point, but theyre totally taking the wrong aproach .. fighting fire n napalm ... but they do hav a point. They also need to learn about monolithic evil, or actually, the non-existance ... all the non-white, non-christians are fightingamogst themselves too, but the klanzmen dont seem to get it .... oh well, i kno if i was there leader, i could totally fix things ........ but im not even gonna go there. Plus agin, their gonna counter white suppression with white domination, equality, but whites are more-equal ... they are just as hypocritical as their enimies .... Eeep, im getting political *stops, before i types all nite long*

so yeah, www.kukluxklan.org ... read it, lest you become as closed-minded as you think they are! --> im purposely not-HTML'ing it tho ... cuz i dont agree with alot of it.

so yeah, my day ... its bein better than some..?

I really want someone here tho.

*has that lonely feeling*

also-> no word from Lacey recently. ???.

and now i think im gonna email a few peoples, then sleep.


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