2002-08-26 @ 9:39 p.m.
Im -that- Lame

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Mood: 'reset' button ; Not too happy ; I need a hug

Music: None, until I press the 'play' button

Game: That one I think im losing.. err.. life

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Today sucked Ass. Major fscking Ass.

I found out that Kein & Laura broke up .. and that Jordan & Bre broke up ...

I spent the day with Jill, i got constantly reminded of my awful-ness ...

I cryed today.

I didnt eat much ... like, less than a handful *literally* of food spread out thoughtout the day....

Im happyer when iv eaten .. i spent most of today sitting with Jill ... im thinkin bout reseting, thinking bout going a-blazin ... hehehe, itll rock. or at least be better than it is now.

The worst part is if it was anyone else, they prolly would hav give-in ... shes the only one who casn resist me, and that helps to make her irresistable .... but since im trying to smile-> *changes subject*

Saw my newest frined Patricia on, she had to go quite quickly .. i hoping its cuz of something that isnt me. Im really hoping cuz of somethin that isnt Me....

Got an email from bolt, i have 2040 notes. Eeep. so many people told me what kind of cookie they would be ... im afraid i may never ask that question agin!

Okay, i cant avoid this since its on my mind ... Im really afraid that if i wait ill start liking some other girl. Now while that may be a good thing, it doesnt satisfy my need to be L33t enough to conquer this challenge. Hmm ... im crazie, iggy me

Im thinking about how exactly my -las- entry ill look... Hmm... maby ill make it special-like, lots of HTML goodies ... or should i just be like " im dead - GoodNite "

hopefully someone will be on soon .. im getting lonely ....


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