2002-08-23 @ 3:57 p.m.
Off to granpa'z home ... grr

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Mood: Six more dayze .... longest week of my life

Person: Patricia, my newest friend. Shez really nice in my daydreams :D?

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I woke up at 10am'ish .. had to drive down to Davis toreturn Stans book... I got lost, missed my exit.. used my L33t- direction-sence to find my way to his apartment. On the way back i felt risky ... i was goin 90+ mph, and i took off my shirt, while driving that fast, on a turn even! ... hehe, one wrong move and i could hav died .. but my skillz hav kept me here :D i had fun.

any minute now ill havta leave to go to granpa's home ... his mom, my great-granma will be there, shes flying out from the east-coast .... could be the last tyme she does it, so its an official "I havta be there" thing .. i might not be able to get online n update n such ... i want alot of email n stuff to come back to.

I thought about Gabby some, wanted cherry icecream ... Alkaline Trio is one'a the coolest bands.. i must d/l more...

Every conversation I hav with Patricia in my head makes her seems cooler n cooler ... so now i wanna talk to her... I found an awesome card in RiteAid, ill send it to whoever it fits ;)

whent to da skoo, mesa that is... saw all these ppl i once knew, it was odd ... Laura is being all nice to me .. i hav ph34r.

talked to jill very breifly, ill get more tyme laters i hope ... i can sense progress :D

not much else ... no real thoughts ... i like driving fast, with no shirt on :) not much else .. i saw two girls kiss today, that was kinda funny .. but not much else.

I want email


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