2002-08-23 @ 1:17 a.m.
im bored, im typing, fsck.

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Mood: Seven more dayze .... longest week of my life

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I had an interesting night ... Talked to Becky awhile ... well, jus having her online is fun, knowing shes there ..? talk to a girl I met on Graal a very long tyme ago. ... talked to my new friend more, but she had to go .. it sucked :(

Found other people on diaryland, the most rememberable was a girl who had Techno listed as a fav music, and she had an interesting diary .. too short tho, but im tired n not-into reading right now anyways ... i need entertainemt, im prolly gonna sleep instead. Damn.

Im getting kinda bored of my template.. i mean, its an awesome template, but i think im gonna change at some point. I dont really know how ill do that tho...?

No one is ever online to talk to me, except Becky ... Emma never talks, Lacey sleeps too early ... I dont know how to fix this, especially since i dont like being home! i really dont like it!! its SO boring here!! .... I wanna leave now actually, except no one is awake. maby The Resident Ely ..? He doesnt go to school :D ... Everone started skoo today.. except me n jordan. Im amused by this. I dont havta go to school... but i do. Its now my future keeping me in school, and not the law. An odd feeling, really odd feeling.

Jill once recently told me I could write erotic storys fer money. I thought that was funny, since I know for a fact I could, and get paid well ... and its something I'd like to do anyways ... Hmm ... an english-major would be degree than computer-engineering ... but not as profitable .. and what if I change my mind?? Well, im fscked. Still, it sounds fun.

I added ICP songs to my playlist .. they havnt bein there fer awhile, i jus noticed it today.

Im bored, im typing as I think .. im bored that much ...

I wanna go to the park agin, swing on the swingset and sing at the top of my lungs. Its weird feeling, i mean, think about it ... id prolly get picked up by the cops or somethin, theyd think im a crack-head or somethin ... but still, I love the nitetyme, and i wanna go swing ...

I feel on my rollerblades today on the way to Kiels ... there was this patch of tar, and i hav walked on it, and drove on it.. so i assumed in was solid. Not solid enough, it caught my left foot, and i stumble a few paces, then fall hard on my hands... luckily one hand held my shoes, so it was fairly un-hurt ... the other got this scrape-cut thing right on my palm! so holding stuff in that hand hurts .. driving hurt a lil... :( ...

I updated my rings page .. you should go check it out .. i added explainations fer why i chose those rings .. itd be cool if other took my example n copyd me ... but i think im the first'ish to do this ..

My DiaryRings i hope you enjoy them .. i dont really see how/why you would enjoy them tho .. i mean, there just diaryrings ..?

I want to go hang out with someone new, but i dun wanna havta meet them .. like, i wanna go hangout wit becky or lacey or someone, i know them , but iv never spent time with them ... id settle fer someone like Alidia, where i know them a little, spent some tyme, but not alot ... Sadly, Alidia seems to be my best irl hope. Thats fscking sad. She doesnt even like me, she doesnt kno me... shes dated the ffej and does things with kiel and is all cuddly-like wit jordan ... *shudders* shes the groupie-slut ... im next in line i think ..? hopefully ill trick some poor girl into being my g/f before i resort to that ... altho i seem to be getting closer n closer to my las-resort ... gone a-blazin' .. hehehe, the only problem with that is ill hav SO much fun ill prolly change my mind... oh well

im gonna sto this now .. im bored of it, and i wanna use this window fer www.sexyrabbit.com anyways .. so nitenite fer nows!!


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