2002-08-16 @ 11:23 p.m.
*sigh* another day, plus some yesterday

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Food: My mom cooked this awesome spagetti ... hell as frozen over.

Mood: *crys* I wanted my Friday-Nite-Bonus-Treks!!

Future: Is there a Q..?.. ahh fsck it; I'd like to solve the puzzle?

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i didnt post yesterday .. all i did yesterday was wake-up, sleep, eat, sleep, watch Tv, come online, spank it, and sleep... it was not worthy of a post.

The only thing even remotely interesting was a saw two separate show with the main characters as a cute blond and a dorky-guy ... which made me think of Emma ...?

today was kinda interesting, i woke up and dorve mom home from the transmission shop, and then drove her back hours laters to get her car agin. I was right, it wasnt trany, but the fuel-injectors. I hav an appointment wit the Navy agin, they hav my ASVAB scores, and i totally whoopd .. as alwayz ... so now some planning :) ... i called Emma, Alidia, Jill and Becky ... im wondering how im gonna come up with the money fer that ...

wasted time somehow till now, got online ... spanked it :) ... kinda early tonite, but im bored and lonely, so fsck you ;) ...

in any case, im only really updating out of guilt, since im supposed to multiple times a day ... but im out of rants ... i dont think, i watch TV?? ...

ok, maby a little one-> i think im back on destinys track, cuz it gave me all my friends back ... im happy, 'cept fer the fact their all friends ... but i hav put my conscience aside and am trying agin ... i realized i either hav a conscience or a chance, not both. so i hav activated ~3V1L-L33t~ and im gonna go have fun fer awhile :) ...

its 11:30, im bored...


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