2002-07-27 @ MidNite'ish
12:34, gran, hollow, fsck

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Mood: bored, tired, sad .. but externally happy *fake smile*

Food: I want RootBeer or something good-food-like

Person: Jamie -n- Brent ; the only two interesting ppl I had any involved contact w/ today

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well, my day was boring, i didnt go to game..

i did play Y!Chess wit jamie a few tymes.. she learned fairly quick, because my L33t-skillz are contagious... it was fun

Iv bein dedicating the 12:34'z to Emma alot, iv bein seeing everyone one of them fer the past 2-3 dayze... its kinda weird...

Jill sometymes sayd that im mean to Gran... *Gran is my Grandmother, but ever since i could talk shes bein 'gran' .. so fsck you ;)* anywayz, she said I was mean, having her get up n make me food.. and do my laundry n stuff. Well, I once thought that too.. I tryed a few tymes to help, wit dishes, wit laundry, wit food ... She wasnt happy at all, she got mean, she kept telling me i wasnt doing it right, that she should jus do it ... She gets all pissy n depressed n stuff when shes not doing things, she starts complaining about "i guess you guys think i should jus die already" ... "i know you guys dont want me living here, i guess should find my own place" .. crap like that. Whenever she'z busy, and has lots to do.. shes so much happyer!! ... So, I constantly ask her to do things, even things I would rather do for myself.. she stays busy & happy, and I get less chores..? how is that bad?? It does sound like im using her, and I guess i kinda am... but is it better to leave her alone, then she gets sad? ... its the lesser of two evils, her being Used or her being Sad... I would prefer used, she then shes very happy and content! ... so fsck you.

Jamie iz sad, her b/f is kinda mean... not mean, but hes busy living his own life, and she cant ~always~ be there... i can relate to both sides of the dilemma ... I used to ditch Jill for my own social life, chillin at Jeffs, etc... and now, im the one left alone, Emma has and deserves her own life... i mean, who am I to complain?? im not even b/f ... *sniffles* ...

Okay, im changin the subject, that one was sad.

I made my resume!! its coolies!! ill post it maby ??:D thatd be cool :D

I should prolly sleep, i need sleep...

NiteNite fer nows!!

Jonathan M. Giacomelli

7209 Rollingwood Blvd.

Citrus Heights, CA 95621

(916) 725-2227

[email protected]




Mesa Verde High School, Citrus Heights, California

High School Diploma, June 2002

Cumulative G.P.A. 3.032

Work Experience:

Crew Person, Carls Jr, Citrus Heights CA, March 2002 - July 2002

Crew Person, Jack In The Box, Citrus Heights CA, December 2000 - February 2001

Customer Service, Big K-Mart, Citrus Heights CA, November 2000 - Decmeber 2000

Computer Skills:

Computer Competency Passed January 2000


Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint


Mesa Verde Business Academy, Fall 2000 - Spring 2001

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