2002-07-28 @ 8:48 p.m.
bored, tired, n weak ~*~ but good!

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Mood: Willpower iz out... I feel weak :D

URL:NeoPets Are the only thing keeping me sane :D

E-Mail: Im praying, hoping, wishing, for email from Emma

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well, az usual, i wake up, my bike-wounds are healing faster than expected, but they arent gone yet, its still hard to sleep...

I went to jeffs and hav chilld there all day...

Nothing really interesting, iv talked to lots of ppl :) which iz always fun, but nothing really happened to me..

Jamie n Gabby are having interesting lives... so im being entertained by their lives fer awile, till myne picks up agin :D

Earlyer Me, Jeff, Kiel, n Dwight were at my home, me n Kiel somehow started wrestling... it was strangely fun >:) ... I lost, i havnt moved much since my bike-curb-thing, so i wasnt in much position to play ... Im gonna start the working-out thing agin :D:D He'll learn ~just~ who he picked a fight with... Im actually SO desparate im wanting Kiel... *shudders* .. im pathetic.

I was talking to Jill on Yahoo! .. but Kiel got on while she was away or somethin... I knew/suspected it was Kiel, but jus a few things were off... so I went over there with great haste, hardcore style .... I was right'ish, it was Kiel ... so on the way home I was punished by God fer my sins :D hehe.. my back tire popped, i mean ~*POP*~, not jus a lil leak, but ~*POP*~ ... almost threw me off... i had to walk w/ the bike back to Jeffz ...

it suck'd ...

I saw Jessica on the way, i havnt talked to her, for, like, 4 months ..... I didnt talk to her this tyme either...

So now im back :D got the update on Jamie/Gabbys lives ... coolies :D

I really hope I hav email from Emma trm... I really really really hope ... *prays* ...

Anywayz, im gonna go.. i hav no clue what ill be doin trm... I think im gonna start faxing/mailing/tunring-in my resume... i need a job!

so yea,


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