2002-07-17 @ 11:36 a.m.
Emma won agin;; err.. her loss

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Food:Salsa n fryz! *shudders*

Person:Becky, the only one who shares my L33t anti-sleep skillz

E-Mail:Emma iz prolly getting more email :P

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well, i felt the need for a midnite entry, because stuff happend since my last post that is noteworthy enough to be posted now instead of laterz...

well, long story short-> Emma won... it got emotional n kinda confuzling, so im not getting into details.

So then email her, shes gonna email me... And i once agin ph34r for her safety. My mind is kinda one-track when it comes to these things ... so its really hard to find a 'limit' ... Emma was distressed by the large number of emails, all frantically wanting attention... so i stoppd.. but apparently, she didnt want a stop, she was jus busy wit her life :) ... so im dumb, but things seemed to hav worked out for the better. Im planning long-term, as always.... and i ph34r fer her safety once agin... shes making a terrible mistake, no one should think to like me... but oh well, ill let them find one one-by-one; their risk.

so im on michaels dumpy-ass Emachine... i forced it onto the web so that I may post. which, in fact, i needed to do... i had rants 5 minz ago.. cant remember any.. I was too paranoid in the shower tonite... felt like i was being watched... creepy...

I was gonna type a start-to-now on my life... but im too lazy :P

Im gonna go talk to Becky, then sleep... maby some emails if im bored...

nitenite fer nows


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