2002-07-19 @ 11:47 p.m.
TimeCrisisII ; stupid fscking teeny-bopperz ; Ashley must ph34r

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Place:Anywhere wit TimeCrisisII

Music:All those coolies songs Gabby told me bout!

Food:Me so hungry... but im at Jeffs, i dun wanna eat here...

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nothing as happened, jeff feel asleep due to boredom, Gabby n Becky are on, Bethy n anyone else isnt....

anyways, i hav rants! both spawned by my second day at CSUS... itz cuz they had TimeCrisisII there.. the most funnest gun-game iv ever played, as you all kno, the only arcade game iv beaten... Well, ppl ph34r my skillz at TimeCrisisII... cuz i get into it a lil.. and at Grad-nite they had an arcade, since it was held at some fun-center at Cal-Expo ... anywayz, in da lil arcade, they had TimeCrisisII!! Sweet!!... well, one tyme, Hawk, Hawk's g/f, and Ashley were near it.. hawk n his g/f tryed, ashley watched.. when Hawk dyed, i jumped in and covered his g/f, she stayd alive awhile... I busted out all my L337 skillz to impress ashley.. but seeing me, the creepy-stalker boy, use a gun so well i can cover someone on the other side of a semi-truck... well, i doubt it had a good effect seeing me handle that gun and head-shot every stupid fool that was dumb enough to pop his lil 3-pixel head out... and so she ph34r'd m4 sk1llz... thats also *now jus realizing this* why she didnt want to talk to me, didnt want to be mean to me, even tho she was anywayz.. "plz go away, I dont want to have to be mean to you..." <---she said that *im paraphrasing?* ... she ph34r'd m4 skillz... hehehe...

And so when I played one round at the college yesturday... i was, as usual, into the game, and that stupid gay-ass teeny-bopper tryd to mock me.. when i looked over, he tryed to be friendly in that teeny-bopper patronizing way.. i capped his ass 4 tymes, 3 in da head, one in the chest.. i saw in my mind the lil bullet-confirm graphic.. it was fun.. the kid walked off after that.. i jus went back to head-shots on the game.

I Hate Teeny-Boppers.. they are still jus as stupid as lil kids, but yet jus cuz they grew a few pubes they think their old enough to be cool n stuff... so fscking lame... teeny-boppers are why this world is evil... they are all so fscking dumb... *stabbs a random teeny-bopper in its head* .... and today, at Carls Jr, 3 lil teeny-boppers came in and asked fer water-cups... then walked over and got soda... so stupid... i should stabbd 'em... and then on the way home they were pretending to be coolies-hard-core on their gay-ass skateboards... stupid wood-pusher wanna-bes ... wood-pushers are kinda lame too, most are too stoned to ever be worth anything... but a few are coolies...

so yea... ph34r the day i get a real gun... iv had practice ;)

actually, that'll prolly happen within the next few months.... i turn 18 soon *evil grin, wide evil grin* hehehehehehehhahahahahahAhAhAhA!!!!!

so yea, the end


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