2002-07-19 @ 9:59 p.m.
quick day update... Bubblegum crisis

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Music:The Juliana Theory - This Is Not A Love Song.mp3 <--I hope Gabby givez me more

URL:Fear Bolt!! Its really weird...

Person:Dawn -n- Crystal ; Two ppl I dont see often enough

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my day was ok.. i woke up hella late, got call'd by jeff. I went to his home n jacked on, watched bubblegum crisis *a very coolies anime!* and so then we went to Jack-in-da-box, walgreens, and Carls Jr.. i applied fer my gurantee'd job at Jack... and then we went by Crystal home *the one I met in french class* ... she was cool, jeff wants her sister *lol* ... so then im here.. i found and presented a media plan.. cableTV, phone, n DSL fer $80 a months.. she was paying $130 fer all, w/o DSL, but we had dial-up... Anywayz... i talked to Bethy agin, shes not on alot of the same tyme I am.. she doesnt like reading diarys, fer some reason.. she'll read more when shes comfortable..?? either way, its at her own discreation.

And so Jeffs tempting me to go do somethin tonite.. i dun wanna get up.. i wanna stay on.. were also talking bout Crystal home/sister *lol* .. so yea... jus a lil refresh/update

Gabby was on, then left, then came back fer 3 minz and left agin.. im confuzed... she better email me so i dont stay confuzed -n- curious bout what happened... I think it has somethin to do with her being at a frineds home... but i dunno..

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