2002-07-20 @ 1:29 p.m.
The First 12:34, fairly broing start-to-today

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Food:I will in a bit, Emma should come with.

Web Cam:Within a few dayze, since Im taking the puter home soon.

Story:*Lol* i havnt thought about that fer awile... maby ill do that?

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well, i woke up to my mom telling me i had 45minz to get ready or else i wont be able to go see MIIB wit them.. i woke up 45minz later, then feel asleep, then woke up at 12'ish ... i thought of Gabby, but didnt get to the point of yesterday, i didnt dedicate the 12:34 this time... i was quicker getting ready, i only did the minimum required getting ready stuff... brush teeth etc...

then i went to jeffs, cuz my puter iz here.. i want DSL... i found that plan that'd save mom $50 a month if she gets DSL... she fscking better or ill stabb her!! i emailed Emma n Gabby, the only ones i get regularly scheduled emails from ... lol, Gabby will prolly regret hers, but oh well, she asked fer it;) .... anywayz, im really bored, and someone i kinda met a really long tyme ago jus IM'd me on MSN, i met her myownemail's stupid thing.. i hated myownemail cuz it wanted me to pay fer stuff!!! fsck that!! twice !! ... but somehow i managed to meet Sally.. so..?? im very bored..

And thats my recent update, fsck you.

byebye fer nows.

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