2002-07-17 @ 1:30'ish a.m.
i woke up, and got mail

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Place:CSUS Student Union

Music:I need more CD's ... I only own 4, and they'r getting old

E-Mail:Lacey needs to reply. I hope she does it quickly :D

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I woke up at 11pm... it was lame. but i used my L337 skillz to rig fat-kids box into intronet, cuz i needed to jack on, and so his box is spread out all over da couch, next to the phone kinda...

The reason this is worthy of a post is because i didnt cover stuff las tyme, new stuff *lacey*, and im bored as hell...

Well my classes for fall-term, 2002 are as follows:


1000-1050 , math 29

130-245 , art 07

300-415 , engl 01a


1200-115 , phil 06

300-350 , csc 10

415-555 , csc 10 *lab*


1000-1050 , math 29

130-245 , art 07

300-415 , engl 01a


1030-1120 , math 29 *???*

1200-115 , phil 06

300-350 , csc 10

Friday: *so coolies*

1000-1050 , math 29

I like my schedule, friday is sweet... easy classes, yet 16 units.. full-tyme... so coolies of a life a i hav.. everyone should come n enjoy it :D

...Now Becky went offline *crys* im so very alone :(

Lacey came online tonite, she talked to me... this was... err.. interesting. I dont really want to get into details, for the fact that i dont really hav any. Shes pissed bout not being the only one anymore, she doesnt want to havta fight or anything... i dont see how she'll manage that, since shes bein so much less nice to me over the years... she said she wants a clean slate... i can relate to that, its the whole reason i even thought of the 'reset' button... but i also quickly found out that theres no quick-fix to things, or at least, no quick-fix worth anything. I can fix my past by building myself a sweet future... itll takes tyme, but tyme is free, given by God... so i think ill be able to manage... And if im not worth Laceys tyme, then so be it, i kno theres bound to be ~somebody~ that will think otherwise... She has multiple valid reasons why she cant come online alot... I cant really relate to not-getting online, but i do understand... ill find out everything ill need to kno in tyme... so im content.

Emma gets pissed, she'll be upset im sure... She better write me a really long tyme-consuming email bout why.. :D ill enjoy that

Gabby, well, i jus want email, so i better get one ;) *Lol*

im so bored.. i must think of something, anything.. i kno, ill write emails :D

*Intermission: Types emailz*

now i think im gonna sleep.. or at east try... i thought of somethin kinda mean ... see, emma doesnt like lacey, obviously.. and i dont like that weird 'ana' stuff *isnt even sure im talking bout what i think i am, cuz i fear the 'ana' that much* anyways, i could try somethin like "you hav 'ana', i hav lacey" but thats also i very dumb idea, cuz the counter will obviously be "ill eat, you ditch lacey" ... that puts me in a very un-coolies spot.. i cannot event think about it... like, my brain actually wont let me think about it...

anyways, so i emailed ppl... thats it. Lacey will reply and then everything should fall into place... ill be able to predict/plan the next 9-12 months hopefully... it'll be sweet...

I really like the life im building fer me.. its really fun... they hav TimeCrisisII at the game-room at CSUS... its my most favorite gun-game... iv actually beaten it!!!

The way it happend was one day; Me, Keck, n Jeff went to an arcade in roseville, we played fer a hour, used about 20$ ... its 2 player, so whoever died gave up their spot to the 3rd person... it made sure we didnt get too tired or anything... we ended up beating the game like that... so coolies indeed... we were then broke and all sweaty n stuff.. so funny.

im gonna sleep, fsck you

nitenite fer nows



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