2002-07-18 @ 7:27 p.m.
Registration, LCOM5, sleeeeeeeeppp.....

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Mood:too tired to tell ; super-happy

Food:too busy today, fergot

Person:Alidia, I fear she may convince me to trust her enough to let an irl person see this...

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im so very tired, but I must update!!

as usual, i stayed awake till 2am, no matter how much i didnt want to... and then had to wake up at 6am agin for registration ... i got my classes, ill post laterz... I emailed Gabby, cuz i jus knew how special she'd feel *huggles* ...my day was hella fun, agin, cuz college is fun, so many ppl... then after registation, mom had a meeting so i drove her car around, first home.. called Becky, it was cool, its really nice talking to her agin..

Then i called Alidia, not expecting to.. but i went over there and we hung out, i helped wit some'a her chores... we talked alot.. very interesting... then i drove to moms work to get her, n we came home... im very tired..

Emma asked to be mentioned, but she hasnt bein on fer a few nites.. i dunno.. she replys, which is nicew, tho im worried about that weird 'ana' stuff... it creeps me out really bad... i really wish she'd go out fer ice-cream n pawn off her scale fer candy-money *Lol, winks* ... if she stayed her current skinny-ness, or gained a few pounds, i wouldnt worry so much... when she talks about becoming skinnier than i was when i was 9... that scares me. Bad. ... so theirs my mini-im-too-tired-to-think-Emma-rant ... :P

i really hope everyone has a coolies nite, Ill be asleep fer it.

Ill prolly wake up in tyme fer some middle-of-the-nite jack-on... but how exactly id get online is a question.


nitenite fer nows


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