2002-07-17 @ 7:50 p.m.
Kins 118a ~I Love This Place~

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Mood:I Love You, I Love Life, I Love EVERYTHING *Huggles infinite*

Web Cam: Not yet, still working on it...

Classes:Kins 118a; Martial Arts - Karate. It covers my C3. GE requirement

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I had a really fscking awesome day!!

oh, i also formally recant my few previous entrys. I Love My Life!! w00t!! *huggles life*

So, i go to orientation.. at first im hella nervous, but after a coffee n an hour, i lighten up... So we first go with our first councelors.. she *was cute* talked about course requirements, what GE we'll need, etc.. i tuned her out, moved ahead, and planned what GE ill be taking... next, lunch, i ate, made my first friend, Stevie - shes kinda cute, kinda sporty, nice... got info on a thousand on-campus n off-campus activites n clubs n shit...then we had a GE lecture... i iggyed it...Made another frineds, Virginia, a really cute Undeclared major that i think is living on-campus ... then another lecture-thing, from Dr.rob bout CPE *Computer Engineering* ... i figured out the exact Major-requirementz... i was wiggin a lil... i figured out i needed 5 years to complete this major... then the ice-cream social.. Made another friend, Frank.. i couldnt tell how long hes bein here, but i dont think hes freshman... anywayz, i took the math-placement.. totally whipped ass and got into pre-calc ... i should'a tryed fer calculus... but oh well, im an under-achiever or somethin... then, waiting fer my fscking mom... i made another friend, im so stupid i fergot her name... but she was awesome, lived near Concord, kno's stuff bout puters n their sub-culture... if it werent fer her b/f *shakes fist, but she'll be more valuable plutonic anyways* so.. then i played air-hockey wit frank, then ate *i love college* and then mom finally came, and i went home *slaps someone fer making my day end*

I really wish i could'a got online tho.. i missed my life, and got 9 emails!!! why cant i get 9 emails on a normal day!!!

Gabbys too cute :">

i hav more emails less-important to answer now... or at least, less tyme-sensitive... and I think Laceys gone, she posted on diaryland... no mention of me... no emails.. i think shes gone... Im not sure wheather to cheer or cry. Oh well, i was never her favorite fan-boy, she'll deal i suppose...

I purposely type funky to piss you all off... actually, alot of it isnt, but 'kno' 'jus' 'las' 'tyme' 'myne' are purpose, im sure theirs more... its jus my style... i cant help typing this way.. it takes effort n lotsa thought to type normal...

But thats my day, dont wear it out.. im gonna sleep kinda early, like 9-10 *my tyme* .. if you care, your gonna havta try to get me before that...

Registration iz trm.. i found such COOL classes, VBasic, Kins 118a, lotsa Phil courses, but none yet, im dont hav the GE slots to spare yet...

NiteNite fer nows

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