2002-07-14 @ 8:47 p.m.
Slept cuz ~

*~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ >

Computer: 2.5 GHz P4 bare-bones system I saw at frys. $660

URL:I wasnt mentioned

Food: I want some Salsa!! I WANT SALSA! Fsckin' A~

*~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ >

I keep having dayz ... today was lame, i was online awile, but no one else was, so i slept... then Jeff called bout WarCraft III.. so I told him to fsck off, Ill get him his fsckin game... I went by baskin robbins, got cherry jubilee ice cream, cuz they didnt hav 'jus cherry' .. saw a girl i knew, she works there now.. said Hi.. went to Jeff's n ate it. It was good, in a subtle way.. i kept taking lil bites, cuz big bites felt sad *i dont get it either* ... so i had lil bites, and i was sad when it was gone...

Jeff upgraded to ME ... his puter is still on crack ... im thinkin bout formatting, but i dunno really ... I want the Jet-Engine, but a new video-crad will make my puter better than the jet will ... Plus im supposed to be paying for that car!! shit!!

My mom wants me to research getting a really sweet phone/DSL/cable-tv deal ... which means, i find one, i get DSL ... *SWEET!!!* ...

I didnt go into work today, i didnt want to... i called n told them that ...

I slept most of the day, cuz i put my puter on DeFrag at around 2-3'ish... it wasnt done till bout 8 ... my puter was fscked up bad ...

Im gonna bug Jeff tonite, he tryed waking me up cuz he wanted a SYS file off my DeFrag'ing computer.. he wanted to wake me up, he left the lite on... And hes starting summer skoo trm.. he hast'a be awake at 6'am... Ill show him JUST who he fscking picked a fight with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

still no more story, i think im gonna be erratic about it, just to spite you all :P

not enough of you told me I was good!! fsck you.

::Intermission , reading diarys::

some ppl update, some ppl dont ... I really dun like ppl who dont update ...

I re-read MY diary at some point within the past 24hrz, before one'a the tymes I slept ... already, it weird how I remember stuff i forgot already ... its really funny ...

This whole thing iz actually pretty weird. All of it. All the diaryland stuff. No one else but us few do this. Its really weird, and its becoming a lifestyle ... *shudders* .. now, the question, Is this a good thing??

Emma jus asked if im writing good things bout her.. i told her yes :P ... I was lonely today, cuz my friends are kinda lame, and no one was online at the right tymes ... thats also why I slept ... I had a day-dream where i met her.. it was funny ...

I jus got an awesome idea.. augment my slang with those " ~ " thingys ... Oooooo.... thats a coolies idea!!!

im getting bored of typing, since my day was sleeping ...

byebey fer nows

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