2002-07-14 @ 1:53 p.m.
Woke up fer Emma :)

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Story: Not done, not tryin now, fsck you.

E-Mail: Waiting on a few...

Place: That really creepy ruins-place in my dream.. so fscking creepy ...

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Well, i had a hella weird nite... I was up till hella late last nite... I read Gabby's old diarys, I saw becky come online at 3am... I email-replyd to ppl... Emma did in fact come online, to email me telling me that she may not be on today *crys* ... I got a piccy of Gabby, but i think that was in the time-frame of my las entry.. either way, she was hot ;) ... So I stayed up all nite.. had a bunch of really weird dreams.. ended up sleeping at 3:30-4am ... woke up hella easyily.. at 8!! got online n talked to Emma.. that was hella weird, since I normal cant awaken that easily... she told me that she had a day waiting fer her ... *cryd* ... fell back asleep.. woke up bout 10 minz ago.. brushed da teeth n all that, got food n online.. Gabby was on, no one else I noticed... its 2pm'ish..

I just realized that only one more month till im 18 .. one more fscking month ... so coolies...

Kiel iz on Yahoo! buggin me to bring jeff his WarCraft III Cd he left in mah puter, and Kiel wants his Neverwinter Nites stuff i barrowed, or he wants me to get the CD-Key so I can play it ... ??? ... Like i fscking give a shit, i jus woke up! lemme the fuck alone!!

And I think thats it..? no story yet, im not awake fer it...

beybye fer nows!!

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