2002-07-12 @ 9:07 p.m.
I had a day.

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I had a day!

After checking my email n stuff fer the las tyme, I went offline n called Jeff ... he said Kiel m Jordan were at Jordans ... I call Jordans, Jordan says that first to Kiels, then to The Mall... So I eat, chill'd.. Went to put on my shoes.. Kiel calls, hes at jordans, I am to rush to Jordans... I rush to Jordans, double-quick...

So then we walk to Kiels, get a ride from janene to da mall... I saw Jill, had to help un-load sofa-recliner-chair-things, .... , ....so anywayz, we got to the mall, went straight to Zumiez *which puzzles me, since Zumiez is a stupid stoner-wanna-be-punk-gay-store-sellout* But it turns out, Laura *kiels g/f*, Brittany, n *josh* Hendrix were sitting in da sofa ... K , we had a mall day, i think Kiel did somethin naughtly with Laura *its so weird, they suck* the whole tyme, I threaten Laura's position, since I kno i could make Kiel happyer *Note: This is only a sick lil game I play to amuse myself, In No Way do I actually like Kiel ... I think* but anyways, we were wondering around, looked at stuff.. lateda ... We went to Target, i got a camera *Kodak Picture Cd style* and a Sobe Lizard Fuel .. I drank a whole thing in one long sip... Crazy .. I almost threw up, iv never done that before... So that was the mall day that went from 1-2'ish till 6-7'ish ..????

I waterd the lawn w/o my shirt on, that was cool... Jeff in fact didnt get his parts, im at his home now.

My mom got this weird idea, that I advertise as a computer-repair-dude... Make money doing what I love *Oh God how I love playin inside puters* ... I got nervous, Im not really that good, i mean, i cant think of anything I cant do, but Im afraid ill do it wrong, piss someone off... Thats prolly why I always hav a job im over-qualifyed for... I fear that ill do somethin worng, that if I challenge myself ill be over-whelmed n fail, then by failing i am permanently lame.... I Fear.

But failing to try is worse than trying n failing... so I dunno ... I gonna give it a chance *I Love Computers!*

Emmas cool, fixin my template n stuff... I dont know why she bothers with me... I am ALOT more trouble than im worth, I try to explain this to ppl, and they only try harder... WTF iz up wit dat?? Well, they'll kno me enough eventually n find out how truly lame I am...

*By they, I mean plural, Iv met more ppl than just Emma, they just arent as cool*

Emma writes good, shes has this coolies intership-thing ... She sent me an article she wrote today about a kitten stuck in a drain... It was good! Like I was reading a newspaper or somethin *Lol's at self* ....

I had a day.

It wasnt a paticalrly awesome day, but it was far from lame ...

I sent Emma this really cute eGreeting ... She liked it.

Im wondering what happened to Lacey? She said she was gonna go to Dawn's las nite... but I guess she didnt come back...?? I guess since I didnt pick her flat-out, why would she hav to?? Dawn answered I bored-email I sent, before I had tyme to think about any of this... so I hav no clue of whats up.. at all... whatsoever... I guess ill find out laterz...

i need to rant, but cant *shakes fist at stupid lil kids*

Ill hav new piccys of me, laterz this month? maby within a week??


-Social studies,

-I, People

-I, Computers

-Emma <--*If i finish the thought*

I hate Kidz

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