2002-07-12 @ 4:42 a.m.
I had some'more day...

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Im still awake ... :P

I wrote Emma an email before I left my home .. I really hope she likes it!!

I went to jeff's home ... stay'd there ... Had some funky blu stuff, saw sites, played WarCraft III fer the first tyme, ... Jordan came ...

Kiel thought he was using his L337-chicks skillz on some chick, but I turned out to be his g/f, seeing if he'd stay loyal *everyone suspected it was her tho* .. Somehow Emma came up ... he thought he could do better than me?!!? .. Ha! ... So he's gonna try n I think... He went to her hotmail profile ... He's all "Shes preppy" and some other crap ... I almost attacked him, both Jeff n Jordan went to her defense as well, that theres no comparison to anything, he should shut his mouth... I think he only said it to try n get away from the fact that he secretly knows he has no chance, and that I do! .. hehehe ... But its ok .. Im actually secretly in-love with Kiel, im jealous of his g/f .. but thats something i know I shouldnt type ;) ... Now doesnt Laceys guestbook-answer make more sense? altho I dont actually remember telling her any of it..?? I think its cuz I get lonely sometymes ... and hes there ... ... I feel really gross even thinking about it!!!!! Icky!! He says the reason I havnt actually done anything yet is cuz hes "too much man fer me" ... Bullshit! One'a these dayz im gonna give in, lose it, throw him up against a wall and force myself on him and he'll know JUST who he picked a fight with!!! ..... But thats really icky, it'll take alot...

Oh yea, so all of us leave to go wandering... we wander to kiels work - Jack in the box - and we try to get food thru the drive-thru ... but the manager was mean, and didnt care if Kiel was an employee ... it was lame ... then we went to circle-K ... got some food n stuff. .. the po-pos were everywhere tonite, so instead of staying out longer, we separated ... Jordan went home, me, jeff n kiel are now at Jeffs ....

Im gonna email Emma warning her bout Kiel... then im gonna go to my home n sleep ... Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp......... . . . .

*cracks head on desk, passing out*

*but still huggles all who deserve as such*

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