2002-07-09 @ 5:28 p.m.
Fockin' Idiot ...

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Im an idiot ... i stupid fucking idiot ... Im getting all frantic, i really dun wanna call about cancelling stuff n replacing cards, so im sitting im my car, its 110 degrees outside .. and i look over.. under this lil compartment thing.. theres my wallet, right exactly were i left it!! i put it there so no one would find it n sneak off wit it .. well.. no one found it ... im so stupid.

On a happyer note, i was thinkin, and a bunch of rants came up ...

Gisselle must be either really bored, or interested *to some degree* in me .. she went to my diary-links-of-somethin n found Emma's diary n then "Grr'd" at Emma fer her layout or somethin ... The reason i kno/suspect this .. how did she get to Emma's diary? must'a bein thru one'a my links? ...and she had to hav bein lookin at my site n caring enough to play wit one'a my links... so yea .. i feel special :D

Today, i realized, i shouldnt be driving all dangerous like normal .. i havnt driven my car in 2 weeks, i had driven a giant truck wit much different handling before that .. and i had a soda in one hand... bad idea, i was.. err.. scary...

Which brought me to another rant.. I Love My Car!! And i feel like crying.. cuz i hate my car too ... i love it SO much, i wish i could show it how i feel, hold it and tell it how much it means to me ... and on the other hand .. i wish i didnt need it, so i could throw it away n never look at that POS agin ... you kno why?? Money!! This car is gonna cost me $2000 a year, plus Gas, plus fixes... much more money than I ever want to put into ANYTHING *except a few select ppl ;)** .. plus in 12 days i officially will be un-employed ... I hate this ...

So then, my last rant i can remember ---> im gonna start this Favorites thing .. basically, im gonna type a whole bunch of my 'favorites' and then expect everyone who reads this to do the same, and challenge everyone who reads theirs to do the same thing! Its a really cool plan, considering it does a better job than the profile, and it has more flexibility ....

So thats my day .. i wanted to tell Emma somethin, but i fergot .. damnit! ... it was important too i think...

After i went n found my wallet .. i went to Kmart n Jack-in-the-Box to get their addresses ... when i was done i went to kiels .. he was at work, but CJ n Dwight were there.. so wasJill .. so i left .. went to Kecks .. no keck ... then to Jordans .. chilld at jordans .. jordan had to be at work by 5pm .. and he was gonna sleep till then .. so i went to work n got my check, bought food .. ate da food .. jordan gotr there ... found out he didnt havta work till 6pm .. so then i ate a lil more.. then left ... went to jeffs home, jack'd on .. and thats it .. an ok, lame day ... Jeff is still in front of WarCraft III ... hes kinda pathetic ... I cant think of anyone i want to email that hasnt already bein emailed ...

Speaking of emails ... ...my dad sent me this email about God .. now, while God may not be that scary .. the e-card kinda is ... "HGe knows when you are sleeping" style scary ...

Jeff beat the game .. im watching the ending movie ... omg .. sooooo funny :D:D

And i think thats it .. for now .. till i can think ofmore anyways..

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Byebye fer now :D


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